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Atlantic Oldies 2NG on shortwave

Thank all of you for the kind words and replies recently after the closure of the 2NG streams. I will reply, there are just a lot!
I wanted to quickly tell you that we will be on ShortWave this weekend. It’s a three hour block as follows.
  • Hour 1 – All Sixties with Rick Ainley
  • Hour 2 & 3 – Bill Rollins Teatime Pirate Radio Special.
The shows can be heard as follows.
Saturday 12th August
  • WBCQ 7490kHz (N. America)
  • 1700-2000 EDT (2100-0000 UTC)
Sunday 13th August
  • Channel 292 6070kHz (Europe)
  • 1100-1400 UTC (1200-1500 BST)
A common question received if it’s available online. 2NG will not be streaming however we believe WBCQ has a stream of the 7490kHz service. Check out www.wbcq.com. There is a web radio in the Netherlands which tends to work well with the Channel 292 service. That can be found at http://websdr.ewi.utwente.nl:8901/
We planned this weekend on SW before the whole royalty thing blew up. It’s remembering the 50th anniversary of the Marine Broadcasting Offence Act in 1967 that silenced the ships. All but one…..
If you get a chance, try and listen.


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