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SWLDXBulgaria News, November 12

AUSTRIA(non)   Reception of Radio DARC via ORF Moosbrunn on Nov.12
1000-1100 on  6070 MOS 100 kW / non-dir to CeEu German Sun, strong

BELGIUM(non)   Reception of Voice of Amara via Alyx & Yeyi on Nov.12
1600-1658 on 15360 ISS 250 kW / 120 deg to EaAf Amharic Sun, weak
Transmission is jammed by Ethiopia with white noise digital jamming

GERMANY   Reception of monthly broadcast of Hit AM via MBR Nauen on Nov.12:
0900-1000 on  6045 NAU 125 kW / 240 deg to CeEu German 2nd Sun, good signal

GERMANY   Reception of DWD Deutscher Wetterdienst on Nov.12
1200-1230 on  5905#PIN 010 kW / non-dir to CeEu German AM mode
1200-1230 on  6180*PIN 010 kW / non-dir to CeEu German AM mode
# co-ch same  5905 KAS 100 kW / non-dir to CeAs Russian CRI
* co-ch same  6180 LIN 100 kW / 286 deg to EaAs Kazakh CNR-17

GERMANY(non)   Reception of World of Radio via HLR 9485CUSB on Nov.12:
1131-1200 on  9485 GOH 001 kW / 230 deg to CeEu English Sun, fair/good
0731-0800 on  6190 GOH 001 kW / 230 deg to CeEu Sat Nov.11 – NO SIGNAL

GERMANY(non)   Pan American Broadcasting via MBR Nauen, Nov.12
1430-1445 on 15205 NAU 250 kW / 094 deg to SoAs English Sun

GREECE   Reception of Voice of Greece on 9420 kHz and 9935 kHz on Nov.12:
1033&1114 on  9420 AVL 170 kW / 323 deg to WeEu Greek tx#3 & off at 1130UT
1033&1114 on  9935 AVL 100 kW / 285 deg to WeEu Greek tx#1 & off at 1130UT

GUAM   Weak/fair signal KTWR Trans World Radio Asia, Nov.12
1100-1157 on 11965 TWR 100 kW / 263 deg to SEAs English Sun

GUAM   Very good signal KTWR Trans World Radio Asia, Nov.12
1102-1146 on  9910 TWR 200 kW / 305 deg to EaAs Chinese/English Sun

GUAM   Weak/fair signal KTWR Trans World Radio Asia, Nov.12
1216-1246 on  7500 TWR 200 kW / 320 deg to EaAs Japanese Sun

ROMANIA(non)   Reception of IRRS EGR/UN Radio via ROU RadioCom on Nov.12
1030-1300 on  9510 SAF 100 kW / 300 deg to WeEu English Sun, good signal

SECRETLAND(non)   Reception of IRRS Radio Santec The Word via SPL Secretbrod, Nov.12
1500-1530 on 15190 SCB 100 kW / 090 deg to SoAs Eng/Ger Sun The Cosmic Wave, strong:

SECRETLAND(non)   Reception of From the Isle of Music via SPL Secretbrod, Nov.12
1500-1600 on  9400 SCB 100 kW / 030 deg to EaEu English/Spanish Sun, good signal

SECRETLAND(non)   Voice of The Report of The Weak via SPL Secretbrod, Nov.12
1601-1700 on  9400 SCB 100 kW / 306 deg to WeEu English Sun, good signal

USA   Radio Biafra was back on shortwave via WRMI from Nov.12

73! Ivo Ivanov
More information on the shortwave listening hobby,
please visit to http://swldxbulgaria.blogspot.com

QTH-1: Patreshko, Bulgaria
Receiver: Afedri SDR
Software: SDR-Console v2.3(using remote connection)
Antennas: various Inverted V and beverage antennas.

QTH-2: Sofia OK2, Bulgaria
Receiver: Sony ICF-2001D
Antenna: 30 m. long wire

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