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Guinea-Bissau: Government radio goes live online

The government broadcaster in the tiny West African republic of Guinea-Bissau can now be heard live online from its new website at Radiodifusao Nacional [RDN] broadcasts 05:55-24:00 UT daily in Portuguese, Crioulo and local languages, according to the detailed programme guides available on the site. Nowadays RDN only transmits terrestrially on FM, though it used to broadcast on 5475 kHz shortwave (last WRTH entry in 1987 edition) and 1034 kHz mediumwave (last WRTH entry in 2001 edition). I couldn’t hear the latter from neighbouring Senegal when I visited that country in early 1999, however there was a civil war underway in G-B at the time! The only Guinea-Bissau station I could hear from Dakar – fleetingly on FM – was Voz da Militar Junta, which I now know was using the facilities of private station Radio Bombolom. (David Kernick, Interval Signals Online via dxld yg)

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