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Radio Mi Amigo: Keeping the Captain’s dream alive!

Dear listeners,

You may be aware that our captain and leader Cpt. Kord is seriously ill in hospital.

As we wait for the news that he is well enough to continue the great work he has started with the radio station, we have organised ourselves into an interim Management Team to keep his dream alive. The team has been appointed with one aim: to keep Radio Mi Amigo International bringing back ‘the golden era of AM offshore radio’.

One of our first priorities was to sort out the problems accessing vital systems Kord used to manage from his studio in Spain, such as our website, webshop and email system. Whilst some parts of the operation are temporarily proving difficult to maintain to Kord’s high standard, we’ll get there.

We managed to set up a new domain and the web site can now be reached again at:
(that’s correct, there’s nothing behind ‘international’, as ‘.international’ is our new ‘top-level domain’)
Our new email address is:

We temporarily closed the webshop as due to the Captain’s absence there’s also a backlog of orders. Email addresses linked to the original domain are not working yet, but that too will be fixed soon. We’ll keep the first part (everything before the ‘@’) of the addresses, only replacing the old domain name with the new ‘’ domain name. So regularly check the new website or the new Facebook page for the latest news.

Our daily short wave transmissions on 6085 kHz in the 49-meter band are unaffected and continue as normal. If you’d like to listen digitally, best way is to use the links at the top right menu from our website.

So, thank you for your understanding. And thank you for your support.

Together, we will keep Captain Kord’s dream alive.

Together, we will keep Radio Mi Amigo International on the air!

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