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Keep Radio Dabanga alive

Perhaps you have been tuning into Radio Dabanga recently on frequency 15550 or 13800 Khz – enjoying the jingle, trying to decipher some of the Arabic, or even trying to figure out who is singing a song we have played.

We greatly appreciate your enthusiasm for Radio Dabanga, a shortwave Sudanese radio station exiled in Amsterdam. Your emails, filled with details of how, where and why you are listening, give us endless bounds of motivation and enthusiasm.

Today, we would like to ask you for something more. For your help to keep Radio Dabanga in the air.

The current situation

Radio Dabanga is the sole provider of independent information for over 2 million daily Sudanese listeners. As you know, broadcasting via shortwave is expensive and increasingly rare.

In 2017, the international political situation caused a winding down of the usual funding that Radio Dabanga bases its operations on. The international community started to see the Sudanese government increasingly as a friend in their fight against terrorism and the refugee crisis, and fail to recognize violations against its own people. We believe it is now more important than ever that people in and from Sudan have access to free and independent news that the world has ceased to be aware of.

Dabanga must safeguard its continuity as a shortwave radio station, so people in Sudan can continue to hope for a better future when they tune in to our news broadcasts.
How you can help

Therefore, we would like to compel you to donate or to share our video with your friends, family and local DXing clubs! Our crowdfunding platform contains a specially made short clip featuring one of our newsroom staff. We are very proud of it! You can find it here.

In case you need some inspiration, please refer to the social media tips below – and do not hesitate to let us know of any questions or comments you may have via this email address.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Nouska du Saar, Sarah Burroughs, and everyone on the Radio Dabanga team

Weesperstraat 3 | 1018 DN Amsterdam | the Netherlands
T: +31 (0)20 8000 400 (general) |
[ | ]

Please sign-up for campaign updates here by clicking “follow this campaign”. We are reaching out to you personally as we believe you may be interested in the case of Radio Dabanga. We therefore thank you for your time. If you do not reply to this e-mail, Radio Dabanga will not send another personal e-mail to you. Upon your e-mailed request we shall delete your e-mail address from the archive of Radio Dabanga.

Suggestions for posts on social media

For Facebook users, you can repost this video at

For Twitter users, this is the YouTube link [] and here is a draft of the post you could make…

Help us keep Radio Dabanga in the air by donating one day of free, independent, life-saving radio in Sudan. For more information on how to donate go to: #crowdfunding #supportDabanga #keepitintheair

(Tarek Zeidan via WOR io group)

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