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Ecos del Alba?

UNKOWN/PERU?, 4920.8, Radio Ecos del Alba?, 0450-0705, 11-07, at first carrier detected today here in Reinate, Lugo, but later, at about 0630 some songs detected, extremely weak, barely audible. 
Via remote SDR Kiwi Pardinho, Brazil,  4920.78, SINPO 25432 at first, but later 35433. Very nice program of non stop Peruvian songs, “Cumbias”, some songs in Quechua, song “Ay Corazón” by  Rodrigo Panihuara Huayhua, song “Colegiala de mi amor”, and others.
Manuel Méndez

Lugo, Spain
Log in Reinante, Tecsun S-8800, cable antenna, 8 meters.

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