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EMR Tom Taylor Tribute Show tomorrow

We have a final very high power extra bonus transmission of the EMR Tom Taylor Tribute Show on Sunday 18th March. It will be coming from near Vienna in Austria with 100 KW on 7330khz Short Wave. Start time will be… 11.00 UK / UTC that’s 12.00 CET So, if you missed the programme last month, this is your very …

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From the Isle of Music, 18 de marzo – 7 de abril

Aquí hay una breve sinopsis de nuestros programas para las próximas tres semanas: I. Del 18 al 24 de marzo: sin entrevistas, más bien un programa de música concertante moderna y música experimental moderna de Cuba II. 25-31 de marzo: Ruly Herrera, líder de Los Dan, uno de los grupos de rock / pop más prominentes en Cuba, es nuestro …

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Radio Exterior de España distorted on 15390 for long time

SPAIN, Radio Exterior de España have problems with its 15390 frequency for long time, the audio is very distorted and almost unintelligible. Months ago I sent an email to the station communicating the fault, but was not repaired. Please, send your complains to   Manuel Méndez Lugo, Spain

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Nuevas frecuencias de Radio Rumanía Internacional

A partir del 25 de marzo de 2018 y hasta el 27 de octubre de 2018, las emisiones en español, por onda corta, de Radio Rumanía Internacional se pueden sintonizar de este modo: a las 19.00 horas, UTC, por 13 810 y 15 670 kilohercios, en España; a las 21.00 horas, UTC, por 13 810 y 15 670 kilohercios, en …

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Radio Kuwait NO QSL

I got a small packages from Kuwait today. A couple of observations: A.) It had clearly been opened and inspected, no attempt whatsoever to hide it, tidy that up….. B.) No QSL card from Radio Kuwait, just a calendar. Hey, I’m happy.. it’s SOMETHING… I’d been trying to get a response out of them for MONTHS!! C.) They addressed the …

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Koreas on March 15

KOREA SOUTH/REP OF Voice of Freedom program on 5920v wandered again. After a switch-off break on March 13 and 14, noted back on March 15 ‘Voice of Freedom’ – Today down now on … 5917.769 kHz measured on monitoring at 0530 UT on March 15, on remote Perseus SDR unit in Seoul SoKorea, S=9+10dB signal strength. Hwaseong bcast transmission. But …

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The Mighty KBC changes in A18 to AM

From March 25th –  5960 kHz, 0000-0200 UTC From May 5th –  9925 kHz, 0000-0200 UTC From September 2nd – 5960 kHz, 0000-0200 UTC”

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HFCC A18 schedules now available

HFCC A18 schedules are now available at

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Trasmissioni in lingua italiana – A18

  La prima release della lista delle trasmissioni in italiano in onde medie e corte per il prossimo periodo A18 è disponibile all’indirizzo:

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Nuova frequenza A18 per AWR Europe in italiano

Adventist World Radio ha confermato la trasmissione in lingua italiana anche per il periodo A18, a partire da domenica 25 marzo il Magazine RVS sarà diffuso sempre alle 11.00 ora italiana (09.00 UTC) ma sulla nuova frequenza di 11905 khz

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Chi siamo Jennifer Aliprandi e Michele Imparato, cittadini italiani residenti in Madagascar dal 2010. Proprietari del centro immersioni Madaplouf Diving con sede nel villaggio di Bemoko, Nosy Be. Ben accolti dalla comunità del villaggio, hanno a più riprese aiutato la popolazione locale in difficoltà. Jennifer, ex insegnante di sostegno, ha lasciato l’Italia nel 2007 ed oggi lavora come guida subacquea. Michele, ex intermediario, …

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BBG budget news and plans for shortwave

Kim Andrew Elliott 22 February 2018   The Broadcasting Board of Governors, consisting of VOA, RFE/RL, Radio Free Asia, Radio/TV Martí, Radio Sawa and Alhurra, is slated for a $24 million budget reduction in fiscal year (FY)  2019.    Of course, Congress will review and probably will modify the President’s budget request for BBG and other agencies.    Here are …

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