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Come eravamo: Jihad DX Number 1 22-Sept-94

Jihad DX Number 1 22-Sept-94

ANTARCTICA AFAN 6160NF In an interview with Graham Barclay of KIWI
Radio, AFAN McMurdo technician, Dan Fisher, advised that this station is
active on this frequency with a power of 3200? watts. (Martin OZDX via
D’Angelo via Johnson)

BRAZIL 3568 According to the station, their name is either Radio
Difusora 3 de Jolho or Radio Difusora de Brasileia, no mention of
Educadora (JPI DXclusive via RNM via Johnson)

COSTA RICA 4832 Radio Reloj react here. (Martin OZDX via D’Angelo via

EGYPT 9126 Voice of the Middle East in Arabic and finally an ID after
weeks of listening. Quite a mess here a) sometimes a ute blocks the
freq b) Another Arab station is co-channel at times in order to jam the
above. Fade in before 2200 with music then news headlines at 2200.
Then sweet talk by woman with pan flutes in background. 2225 Koran and
sign off at 2230. Not sure if a spur or what. Not a new station, just
the ID used by Radio Cairo’s Arabic broadcasts to the Middle East.
Those to Africa ID as Voice of Africa, those to North America as Voice
of Egypt, etc. (Johnson August/Sept)

INDONESIA UNID Indos heard on 3631.6 and 3487.6 (Foster, Martin OZDX via
D’Angelo via Johnson)

NORTH KOREA According to a report by Tong-a Ilbo (probably a South
Korean newspaper or magazine -MK) North Korea revealed itself as the
actual operator and broadcaster of the South Korean National Democratic
Font (SKNDF) station, better known as the Voice of National Salvation,
when Radio Pyongyang programming was heard on one of the station’s
frequencies for 15 days beginning 10 August. Voice of National
Salvation programs returned to the frequency on 25 August. (Pacific Rim
Intelligence Report 9-2 via Mathias Kropf via Johnson)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA Tony Orr reports: I just saw a report on Headline News
on 9-20 concerning the volcanic eruptions on New Britain Island,
completely wiping out Rabaul. Authorities were speculating that the
town’s inhabitants may have to be permanently relocated, as Rabaul has
been buried in a thick layer of ash and most structures are unusable.
The eruptions may continue for weeks. Goodbye Radio East New Britain
(3385 KHz) which was not heard when I checked this morning.
4890 NBC heard with English news at 1000. Untraced on 9675
(Johnson 9-21)

PERU 4485 Radio Frecuencia VH 0310 presumed. Pop music program but
unable to catch an ID. Anthem at 0337. Also tentatively noted
Peruvians this evening on 4419, 4461, and 4505. (Johnson 9-18)
4664.8 Radio Soledad 0306 bad static but local music program and ID
in Spanish by man. Thanks Klemetz for ID. (Johnson 9-18)
5305 Radio Municipal de Paruro signon is 1100 (TIN Relampago DX
August via Johnson)
5700 Radio Frecuencia San Ignacio 0328 song and ID by woman right
after. (Johnson 9-18)
6045.2 Radio Santa Rosa 0900 religious programming 1005 return
campo musica and program and station ID by woman in Spanish. (Johnson

RUSSIA There is a German broadcasting organization “Universeller Leben”
using these following Radio Moscow freqs on Tuesdays only from 1800-
1900: 11945 12020 15125 15400 15455. Their address is: Universeller
Leben, P.O. Box 5643, D-97006 Wurzburg, Germany (Maes via Schotmans SW
Echo via Martin via D’Angelo via Johnson)

USA VOA John Vodenik writes:
Hello everyone. Well, it was a very interesting week, in Washington. I
now know why things are as screwed up with government as they appear to
be. Yesterday, Sept 20, I received word from various Senators’ offices,
that yes, Bethany is a lost cause. Not that we are not needed, BUT
because Congress didn’t put any oversight ability into the bill. When
it became law, it was the end. So, Bethany has a few short months to
go. And to top this, the 23rd, Friday, is Bethany’s 50th anniversary.
Want to join me in a piece of black frosted cake?

An example of the type of mismanagement in VOA… The manager at
Greenville wants to shut down 3 transmitters. He says they are old, and
hard to maintain. Yes, he is correct. BUT, he has the people to
operate and maintain them already. They are on the staff of the
network training division. If he would put these technicians on the
floor where they belong, then Greenville could operate all of the rigs.
If nothing else, transfer some of the displaced persons from Bethany
there to help out. The manager in Greenville has a degree in electrical
engineering, or so I’m told. I can say that not very many transmitter
people in the Voice believe this one.

I remember, as a child, watching the leader of Russia, banging his shoe
on the table, and saying that we will destroy you from within. They
have. They have muffled the Voice, and RFE/RL will be sold off to
private persons. Ready for this one… the Udorn site, built for 120
MILLION hard earned tax dollars, was sold to Thailand for … 4 CENTS!
Add to this, VOA will continue to pay 4 million a year to maintain and
operate it. This information came directly from the Voice of America
magazine, “On the Air.” Please continue to write and call your Senators
and congresspersons. It appears to be too late for Bethany, but maybe
we can save what is left of Greenville and Delano.

Those of us, from Bethany and Greenville, will never be able to thank
you for all your support during these past few months. We are sincerely
grateful for your calls and letters. I personally want to thank all of
you who took time to write to me. I am thankful that you care enough to
let me know.

I have a backlog of 1 1/2 months worth of reception reports to get out.
Please bear with me, I will get them to you as soon as things slow down
a bit.

May the powers that be (politically correct) i.e. God, watch over our
country and the Voice of America. We are being led by cowards, fools,
and traitors.


John (via Ben Krepp via Johnson)

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