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Come eravamo: Jihad DX No. 2 29-Sept-94

Jihad DX No. 2 29-Sept-94

Westerners have always been scared of the word “Jihad” since they only
know it to mean “Holy War”. But Jihad is much more than that.

The root of the word means “to make an effort” and a jihad is a supreme
effort. That is exactly what you are going to get with Jihad DX.
Combining many of the sources I used when I was doing LN with the
delivery of email, Jihad DX will come your way Thursday nights. Your
contributions are welcome until Thursday afternoon.

73, Hans

Buffalo Road DXpedition – from September 23-25, Larry Yamron, Dave
Valko, and Hans Johnson had a DXpedition in the vicinity of Dunlo.
Antennas included a 300 foot beverage south, and 500 foot ones east and
northwest. Logs are marked BRD.

BENIN 5025 Radio Parakou 2201 music, closing announcements in French, 2
IDs, anthem, and off at 2203 (BRD 9-23)

BRAZIL 3325 Radio Difusoras (Sao Paulo) is relaying “Gospel FM” ZYD994,
a new religious station. (TIN Play DX no. 804 via Johnson)
11704.5 ? 2253 used to be Radio Transamerica but multiple canned
IDs, including freqs and towns, sounding like Radio Voz do Brasil. (BRD

CAMEROON 5010 Radio Garoua is off. There are now no shortwave stations
from Cameroon on the air. (BRD 9-23)

COLOMBIA 6035 La Voz del Guaviare 2335 right on freq now not, .2 with
Salsa mx and at 2340. (BRD 9-24)

ECUADOR 4785.6 Radio Federacion noted here when it was absent from 4860.
//4960. (Krueger DXSF via Johnson)

ETHIOPIA 6940 Voice of the Ethiopian People for Peace, Democracy, and
Freedom 0334 presumed the one heard with talk //8000. (BRD 9-25)
7110 Voice of Ethiopia 1950 presumed the one with pop music. 1958
closing announcements and anthem but nothing heard that sounded like an
ID. (BRD 9-24)

EUROPIRATES Word from Chris Lobdell is that a Voice of Scotland
europirate is supposed to test on 6265-6275 KHz on Sat 1 Oct 1994 at
2300-2400 UTC, 750 watts. No QSL address. (Berg via Krepp via Johnson)

INDONESIA 4606 RRI Serui 1055 EZL mx through hour and ID at 1105 (BRD 9-
5984.1 RRI Pekanbaru 1203 presumed the one here with Jakarta news.
(BRD 9-25)
9525.1 RRI Jakarta 1217 //9679.9 (BRD 9-25)

NIGERIA 4990 and 4770 are off. Domestic Service stations from Nigeria
are only found in the 49 meter band now. (BRD 9-23)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA 2410 Radio Enga 1028 song “Santa Claus is Coming to
Town” and IDs as above at the half hour. (BRD 9-25)
4890 Volcanic Disaster Emergency Service 0923-1230 IDs as this as
they continue assistance. Most of the programming is in English and
they have broadcast programs from the studio in Rabaul at times. (BRD

PERU 3194.3 ? 1020 Radio Jerusalen listed here but IDs heard didn’t
sound anything like that, perhaps just program IDs only. (BRD 9-25)
4840 0159 (Radio Payayah). New station? ID sounded like this.
Talk by man and then very undermodulated music. 0204 sure sounded like
Peruvian anthem at signoff. No signs of Radio Valera or Radio
Interoceanica. (Johnson 9-29)
5521.5 Radio Sudamerica presumed 2358 too weak 0002 Peruvian anthem
and off. Noted the next night playing American pops from the 70’s at
0245 but announcer still too weak. (BRD 9-24/25)

RAMADAN will begin about 31 January and end about 28 February. (Krueger
DXSF via Johnson)

UNID 3509 ? Thanks Orr tip. Noted at 1023, sounds Peruvian. (BRD 9-
5235.4 1018 sounds Peruvian. (Johnson 9-29)

UNITED STATES 9955 WRMI 1232 Jeff White with PWBR radio ad and then an
English-language religious program. (BRD 9-25)
15420 WRNO 2110 reactivated. (BRD 9-24)
VOA (via Ben Krepp) Assistant Director, Joe Bruns, made it
official today. Bethany will close. The staff will receive their
notices on 1 Nov 1994, and the staff will be out on 4 Jan 1995.

There will indeed be a last day QSL card issued. Reports are to go to:
John Vodenik, 104 S Forest Ave, Mason, OH 45040. Overseas listeners are
asked to send 2 IRCs and stateside listeners are requested to include
$2.00 to cover cost of printing. There are 1000 cards that will be made
up. And, tomorrow is our 50th anniversary.

Please send internet replies to: I don’t want to use
the VOA’s internet access any more than necessary. Thanks for your
support during the last few hard months. Looking forward to an unsure
future. VOA management has no plans to offer jobs to the Bethany staff,
or those people involved in the reductions at Greenville.

73 for now. John Vodenik (via Johnson)

ZAIRE 5066.3 CANDIP signing on at 0400 rather than listed 0330 on the
weekends. 0400 IS and then talk in FR. Untraced on 3390v (BRD 9-

ZAMBIA 7234 ZNBC is off. Still going strong on 4909v. (BRD 9-24)

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