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Come eravamo: Jihad Dx No. 3 October 6, 1994

Jihad Dx No. 3 October 6, 1994

Material from Jihad Dx cannot be reused or redistributed without
the permission of Hans Johnson.

Alot of good news this week. Contributors: Dan Ferguson, Ben
Krepp, Tony Orr, Karl Racenis, and Hans Johnson. Enjoy fellas !

Where I really need your help is what is available on the various
computer bulletin boards out there. Pass it along please.

ANGOLA 5043 EP de Benguela 2206 Heard // to 4950 att (Johnson 10-3)

BOLIVIA 4864.4 Radio Dieciseis de Marzo 0957 open carrier 1001
retune to flute music, time check for Bolivia, and canned id by
man. I believe that their program at this time is called Buenos
Dias Bolivia. No sign of the Colombian on 4865 this AM. (Johnson
5123.7 Radio Galaxia noted here at 2355. (Klemetz Play Dx)

CHINA 4940 Voice of the Strait 2204 // 5050 att (Johnson 10-3)

CLANDESTINE AFRICA 6870 Radio Mogadishu PRESUMED but station signed
on at their time 0330 and signal was upper sideband as Mogadishu
is. 0328 Open Carrier on 0330 tones 0330.5 anthem? 0331 talk by
man 0331.5 Koran 0338 talk by man. Heard until 0349 when killed by
ute traffic. According to BBCMS, this is a pro-Aideed station and
its exact studio and transmitter locations are not known. The id
in Somali is: Radio Mogadishu, codka ummad weeynta Soomaliyeed.
(Johnson 10-2)

COSTA RICA 6005.5 Radio Reloj 1028 Salsa music and id. Reactivation
after several weeks off. No 4832 noted. (Johnson 10- 2)

CUBA 4800 Radio Rebelde here // 5025 at 1020. (Johnson 10-2)
6030 Cuban jammer hammering Radio Marti here at 1022. I have
never heard them using this kind of pulse jamming before. (Johnson

ECUADOR 5010.3 Escuelas Radiofonicas Reduced signal strength as of
late. Perhaps a reduction of power after the army raid a few
months back? (Johnson 10-1)

GERMANY 6005 Deutschland Radio Heard at 2300 with id. (Racenis 9-

INDONESIA 3385 RRI Kupang, 1102-1117, in the clr now that RENB is
gone, Jakarta nx in prog. by W ancr //4753.4, 1109 choral NA, 1110
ID ” Inhilah RRI Kupang…” more tx by W to 1117 fade out. 3264.7
pres. RRI Gorontalo also in @ same time with big carrier but little
audio (Tony Orr 10-5)

ITALY 4114 Radio Mariquita noted at 2125. (LBFG Play Dx)
NIGERIA 4990 Radio Nigeria 2203 Reactivated here with news by YL
and id. (Johnson 10-3)

PERU 5039.2 Radio Libertad 1017 with Salsa (!) music and id by man.
(Johnson 10-3)
5325 Station from the Apurimac area operating here. (Klemetz
Play Dx) Yes, noted here since late September with sign on around
1000. (Johnson)
6018.3 Radio Victoria down slightly, heard at 2345. (Klemetz
Play Dx)

ST. HELENA 11092.5 in addition to this transmission, (October 14th
from 2000-2300) radio amateurs on the island will be active from
1800-1900 on 21250-21300 and 14200-14250. (Play Dx)

SURINAM 5005.17 Radio Apintie TENTATIVE. Carrier noted here every
morning but this is the first time I have gotten any audio. 1008
with sub-cont music and female announcer. Only Ancash on 4991.
When they were 350 watts I heard them almost everyday-I wonder if
they are back down to 50 watts? (Johnson 10-3)

USA WWCR George Thurman says that this station will move down to
5065 (five-0-six-five) starting October 10th. (Ben Krepp, Dan
Ferguson via Johnson) I spoke with Adam Locke of WWCR on 10-5 and
he confirms that they are moving from 5810 to 5065 as of the 10th.
The schedule will be from 2300-0800. Locke says there are alot of
problems with 5810. Among them was the fact that this is a
frequency used by NASA, something the FCC was unaware of. (Johnson

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