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Come eravamo: Jihad Dx No. 4 October 13, 1994

Jihad Dx No. 4 October 13, 1994

NOTE: Material from Jihad Dx cannot be reused or redistributed
without the permission of Hans Johnson

Contributors Ben Krepp, Don Moore, Dave Valko, Tony Orr, Dan
Ferguson, Chili Palmer and Hans Johnson. Thanks fellas-we have
tons of great news this week-

ANDAMAN ISLANDS AIR-Port Blair 7115 ex 7170 to avoid QRM from
Singapore. (Jacob Radio News Bulletin)

ANGOLA Radio Nacional carries foreign service programmes at 1900 in
French, 2000 in English and 2100 in Portuguese on 3374.9 kHz.
(Veldhuis, Shortwave Wave News via Ben Krepp)

BOLIVIA 4939.3, R. Norte, 0913-0938, in SP w/M ancr tx, ments. of
Montero, TCs, CP ballads to 0920 ” R. Norte de Montero ” ID, then
pgm of more rustic bandas and choral huaynos, best lvl here since
1992! Fair at peak (Tony Orr 10-11)
4855.0, R. Centenario, 0940-1000, t/in to M ancr w/tx in
lang, inst’l huaynos mx bridges, huaynos, ID by M in SP @ 0950 and
again @ 0951, mx, ancmts cont’d to 1000 M ancr in SP, massive UTE
QRM but fair sig punching through the mess (Tony Orr 10-11)
4985.4, R. Mineria, 1005-1021, tnx to Johnson tip, hrd here
w/a solid 10 minutes of heavily echoed ancmts by M and W ancrs,
live TCs o/these canned ancmts, 1006 ID ” R. Mineria…radio
trabajador…”, 1010 ” RM ” ID, SP pop ballads @ 1015, Rumbos
causing big problems on low side. (Tony Orr 10/11)
4732.7, R. La Palabra, 2257-2342, in at best lvl ever, sig
increasing in lv towards 2330, pgm of light rel. ballads, M ancr,
2337 great clr ” La Palabra”, ID, then another mentioning Radio La
Palabra, canned ancmts and further tx by M (Tony Orr 10-7)

CLANDESTINES 6100 Voz de Renamo there are reports of this one
operating here at around 0500. (Chili Palmer 10-9)

ETHIOPIA 9560 Radio Voice of Peace/Radio Amahoro 0359 Thanks Cushen
tip on MN. Xylophone IS and then “This is Radio Voice of Peace for
Rwanda, an inter-Africa group project broadcasting from Addis
Adaba, Ethiopia. Radio Voice of Peace is sponsoring the broadcasts
of Radio Amahoro produced by a group of European Charitable
organizations. We have broadcasts daily form 4 AM to 5 AM GMT on
the 31 meter band shortwave 9560 khz. This program is intended to
promote peace and reconcilliation and to address the humanitarian
concerns of the Rwandan people”. Then same in French. This was
followed by drum IS and Radio Amahoro ids in presumed Kinyarwanda.
(Johnson 10-8) The station’s address is: Radio Amahoro, Rue du
Noye 322, 1040 Brussels, Belgium. (Johnson)

GUATEMALA 4849 Radio Cotan A new Guatemalan Evangelical Protestant
station was heard here last night between 0017-0145+ UTC on
10/8/94. The station is called Radio Cultural Coatan (accent mark
on the second a) and is located in San Sebastian Coatan in
Huehuetenango Department in western Guatemala. It sometimes IDs
simply as Radio Coatan or Radio Cultural. The frequency heard was
4849.5 kHz, however they announced a frequency of 4770 kHz (or
perhaps 4760 – the words for 60 and 70 are hard to distinguish in
Spanish under static conditions). They were also noted this morning
around 1115 UTC 10-8 w/ modern Spanish religious music & IDs. It
was not noted in several checks between 1000-1050, so must sign-on
at 1100.
Programming consisted of rustic religious vocal/guitar music in a
style very typical in Evangelical churches in Central America and
often heard on Radio Buenas Nuevas, Guatemala on 4800. There was
a lot of talk, but except for a top of the hour ID in Spanish, the
talk was all in a Mayan language. Of course, there were some
Spanish words here and there as the Mayan languages have adopted
quite a few Spanish words. The talking part of the program seemed
to include a live mic which was well modulated and occasional
taped announcements which were less-well modulated and not as easy
to understand. This is opposite what happens at many small LAm
stations where the taped anmts come through better than the live
ones. Signal strength was fair and there was no interference
using the wide 6 kHz filter on my Drake R-8. Antenna was a 400′
south-to-north mini-beverage.
San Sebastian Coatan is not in my Hammond atlas, however it is on
a very good Guatemala map I bought in Guatemala several years ago.
It is located at 91 35 W and 15 45 N, or about 20 km ENE of
Jacaltenango, which is in my Hammond atlas. The town should not
be confused with San Sebastian Huehuetenango, which is further
south along the Pan-American highway, about 15 km WNW of the city
of Huehuetenango.
According to a linguistic map of Guatemala which I have, San
Sebastian Coatan is right on the border between the Kanjobel and
Chuj speaking areas and about 10 km from a Jacalteca speaking
area. According to another reference, Chuj is the dominant
language of the municipio (county or district) of Coatan. Nearby
Evangelical station Radio Maya de Barillas already uses Kanjobel,
so I would guess one of the other two languages is being used
here, probably Chuj.
Last night may have been the first day, or at least the first
evening, on the air for this station. I haven’t noticed them
despite checking 60 meters most evenings for the past several
weeks. Also, I called PA DXer Dave Valko on the phone and he
hadn’t noted them yet despite nightly checks of 60 meters. He
checked out the frequency and also got them in with a fair
Tetsuya Hirahara from the Radio Nuevo Mundo club in Japan writes
that they had heard from Wayne Berger, engineer at Radio Cultural
TGN/TGNA in Guatemala City (3300 kHz SW) and he had told them that
this station would be using an old transmitter from TGN/TGNA.
Hence, assumedly, the name “Radio Cultural Coatan” in homage to the
larger station in Guatemala City.
When I visited TGNA in 1987, Wayne was helping Radio Buenas Nuevas
and Radio Kekchi get on the air and was giving technical help to
Radio Maya de Barillas. There are still several Guatemalan Mayan
langauges with no radio stations whatsoever and one or two more
that I think don’t have any Protestant Evangelical broadcasts. I
bet if we could get some SW transmitters to Wayne, he would get
some more Guatemalan stations on SW! (Don Moore 10-8)
R. Coatan (accent above the second “a”), pronounced
“Co-ah-tahn”. Tip from Senor Don Moore. First noted 10/8 at about
0030. S/off seems to be 0200. Just missed s/on this morning at
1100. Don figures power to be about 1 kw. I’ll bet this was the
first day of operation as I haven’t heard it here before when
checking 60 meters nightly. Thanks to Don “Super Sleuth” Moore for
the tip and info. Go get’em guys!! (Dave Valko)

INDIA Four new 500 kW shortwave transmitters have been commissioned
(Sep 28) at the Bangalore High-power Transmission Complex of
All-India Radio (actually located at Dodballapur, a little bit away
from the city of Bangalore). These will be used for broadcasting 15
foreign, 4 Indian, and 5 general overseas services. Transmissions
are scheduled around the clock, and the target areas include
Europe, most of Africa, Australia, China, Japan, and the rest of
eastern Asia. (North America is still excluded…)
The complex has a total of six 500 kW transmitters now, and 36
“multiband aerial arrays” (Pai via Ben Krepp 10-8)
The new 50 kW transmitter located at Hyderabad was officially
inaugurated on July 23, replacing the old 10 kW unit. Freqs in use
are 4800, 6120 and 7140. A week later of tx of the same power was
inaugurated at Bhopal, replacing its 10 kW unit. They use 3315,
5990 and 7180. (Jacob Radio News Bulletin)

KIRIBATI 9825USB, R. Kiribati, 0902-0950*, tnx to various FT tips
hrd here w/pres.nxcast by W in lang., , mni ments. of Kiribati, mni
IDs as ” Bwanaan Kiribati…” as per WRTH, choral hymns, US/Asian
pops, 0948 s/off ancmts w/ID, then choral NA and off abruptly. Vy
clr in USB (Tony Orr 10-7)

MOLDOVA It appears that the long-awaited English service of Radio
Moldova International has either started, or is about to. A WRTH
correspondent in Moldova has just sent us the following winter
0130-0200 Romanian North America 7190
0200-0225 English North America 7190
0230-0255 Spanish South America 11775
0400-0425 Russian Europe 6155
0430-0455 Spanish Europe 7270
1100-1125 Spanish South America 17775
1200-1225 Spanish Europe 15250
1230-1300 Romanian North America 15390
1300-1325 English North America 15390
1400-1425 French Europe 11775
1430-1455 English Europe 11775
1830-1855 Engish Europe 7235
1900-1925 Russian Europe 6050
Radio Moldova International broadcasts from studios in Chisinau,
the capital of Moldova, but the transmitters are in Romania. Do not
confuse this station with Radio Dniestr International, which
broadcasts from the self-styled Dniestr Republic in eastern Moldova
using the transmitter site at Grigoriopol. That site, called Maiac
by the Russians, is under the control of the separatists and
therefore unavailable to Radio Moldova International.
(Sennitt via Ben Krepp 10-8)

MOZAMBIQUE 4921.5 Em. Interprovincial de Maputo e Gaza operating
here mornings and evenings. Poor modulation but strong signal.
(Korinek Play Dx)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA 3875 Radio United Bougainville signs off at 1300
with the PNG anthem. (Cushen Radio News Bulletin) BRA
representatives did not show up for the peace conference scheduled
for this week. (Johnson 10-10)

PERU 3870 RAM is an AWR broadcaster operating from 2300-0300.
(Radio News Bulletin 10-12)

SLOVAKIA AWR is now using the Velke Kostonlany site on the
following schedule: 0700-0800 7305 Romanian, 0800-0900 6055
Hungarian, 1200-1300 5940 Romanian, 1300-1400 5940 Hungarian.
Reports should be sent to the AWR Damstadt address. During the
month of October, all QSLs will be endorsed, on request, as “First
Month”. (Radio News Bulletin 10-12)

SWAZILAND TWR The former TWR Bonaire 50 kW tx is now operating
here. (Radio News Bulletin) 4760 at 0300 ? (Johnson)

ZAIRE 6544 Radio Bukavu is operating now on this frequency. Sign
on is 0430 and sign off is at 1700. (Dan Ferguson 10-12)

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