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Indonesia in italiano FP?

RRI to broadcast news in up to 13 world languages: report

A report by Indonesia’s Antara News Agency says that state radio broadcaster RRI has been conducting trial news bulletins in 11 international languages in an effort to enable foreigners in Indonesia to obtain factual and accurate information. According to RRI Director Parni Hadi, speaking last night, the trial broadcasts have been in Arabic, English, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Mandarin, Spanish and Thai. The report says that RRI also plans to use Russian and Italian.

Media Network comments: It’s not clear what this report refers to. We were unable to find any relevant information on RRI’s website, which appears to have been recently upgraded and now has a full news service in nine foreign languages. RRI’s International service, which has had programmes in the languages mentioned for many years, broadcasts in Jakarta on FM 89.1 MHz with a power of 1 kW. Mention of Russian and Italian suggests it’s planned to add these languages to the foreign service.

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