martedì 18 Gennaio 2022
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EMWG 10th anniversary contest – one week and counting…

The EMWG 10th anniversary contest will start *one week from now*.

On Friday 29 February around 1930utc the quiz will be published on the EMWG contest web site ( in the following ways:

* as an online form
* as a Word file (both .doc and .docx)
* as an file
* as a PDF file

The quiz will contain 20 radio related questions (some easy, some hard) and 1 elimination question.

The first ten participants will already get prizes (thanks to PlayDX). As participating is more important than winning, some EMWG PDFs will also be awarded to random participants.

Everybody can only enter the competition once and all address and contact details need to be mentioned.

Please don’t hesitate to publish this into your publication(s). Should you have any interesting items that could be a nice prize for one or more contestants, just drop me a line!

– Herman –