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RTE 567 kHz MW closure

Dear   DX  Friends  all  over   Europe   !
Please check the situation described here below :   LW  252   KHz    and    MW  567  KHz
respectively .   Please do send your report  DIRECTLY  to   Belgium  and    Ireland :         a n d     
Thank you very much in advance and I remain,
With very best wishes and greetings from Stockholm,
T i b o r      S z i l a g y i
EDXC   Secretary  General
E —  Mail  :
Written in Vaesterhaninge / Sweden on Thursday,  February  28 ,   2008 ,   at
0 5 :  4 5    Central  European  Winter  Time .

Enda O’Kane <> wrote:


Dear Friends,

Please monitor 567 kHz and 252 kHz and advise which frequency is best after sunset.
for updates.
Many thanks,

Enda O’Kane



Begin forwarded message:


From: Herman Boel
Date: 25 February 2008 10:24:07 GMT
Subject: Re: RTE 567 kHz MW closure
Dear Enda,
I am the author of the Euro-African Medium Wave Guide ( and I am an occasional listener of RTE.
When I want to listen to RTE Radio 1 after sunset here in Flanders, it is impossible to do so on 252 kHz as the Algerian transmitter on the same frequency is dominant.
567 kHz is a good alternative on which RTE is the dominant station. Although reception is not free of interference, the programmes are well audible on the medium wave frequency.
Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Kind regards,
– Herman –
From: Enda O’Kane
Date: 2008/02/16 Sat PM 10:43:05 GMT
Subject: RTE 567 kHz MW closure
Dear John,
There is much debate here in Ireland over the threatened closure of  this frequency.
In UK and near Europe can your members confirm that MW gives a  cleared signal after dark than LW 252 kHz.
You can help and keep up to date on this issue at:
Enda O’Kane
00 353 86 171 9886
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