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Radio St. Helena reception reports

Hi All
If anyone has send reception reports to Radio St. Helena, please read this important message.

Da: RDC-Roberts-Data [] Inviato: Sonntag, 30. März 2008 14:07A: “Stumpf Carl Andreas”Oggetto: Stumpf Carl Andreas: about RSD 2007 RX report

Dear Andy, HB9GCE,

thanks for your email and em-pee-drei recording.

PLEASE send me (by email) a copy of your written reception report AND tell me exactly what you included with the report in the envelope (you mentioned USDollars5 — anything else??).

I will contact Radio St. Helena and ask about your reception report. I have 17 other “missing” reports from USA and three more from Europe to sort out.

It would appear that a lot of mail is “stolen” in South Africa. Any letter that looks in any way to be “interesting” seems to “disappear”. That is the fastest route, but it is also not safe.

With best 73’s de
Robert Kipp ZD7PU

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