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IRRS-Shortwave A08 Schedule

Please notice that IRRS-Shortwave and European Gospel Radio newest frequency schedules for A08 (Summer 2008) are now in effect as follows: A08 schedule from IRRS-Shortwave and European Gospel Radio operated by NEXUS-IBA, Milan, Italy
7,290 1800-2000 UTC Fri,Sat,Sun to Europe,MEast,Africa
9,510 0930-1200 UTC Sun to Europe,MidEast,North Africa
9,825 1500-1800 UTC daily to Africa
Here are the main changes for the A08 season:
1) To allow cleaner reception on our target area, there will be a 5 kHz frequency shift from 7,285 to 7,290 kHz effective April 4, 2008, for our evening broadcasts. Two hours on Saturday evening have also been been added on 7,290 kHz, to complement our Friday and Sunday broadcasts on weeek-ends between 1800-2000 UTC (2000-2200 CET, summertime).
2) The antenna type and direction for all broadcasts on 7,290 kHz (150 kW) has been changed to allow better coverage of Middle East and the whole of Africa. Europe will be covered through the back and sides of the directional antenna.
3) Broadcast on 9,510 kHz on Sundays will still use an antenna favoring reception of Europe, North Africa and the near Middle East. DX reception, however, may be also possible outside of the above mentioned targets.

NEXUS-IBA and its members broadcasters welcome all reception reports, and above all comments on programs heard. Emails and letters received at NEXUS-IBA HQ will be forwarded to the original program producer who may reply with a letter or QSL of their own. Please address your correspondence to IRRS-Shortwave, PO Box 10980, 20110 Milano, Italy or by email at: reports (at) nexus (dot) org or to the addresses that you hear on the air.
Our programs may also be heard online via streaming audio 7/7 and 24/24 at – Frequency and program schedules, as well as last minute changes are available at: and at

Stay tuned! 73, Ron

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