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Details of Radio St Helena Day 2008 confirmed

Details of Radio St Helena Day 2008 confirmed

Radio St Helena has set a date for the next Radio St Helena Day (RSHD). RSHD was revived on 4 November 2006, bringing back the special annual worldwide transmission on shortwave.

Last year’s transmission was another success and was held later in the year (15 December) to coincide with Radio St Helena’s 40th Anniversary (25th December).

Last year was also the 10th RSHD, therefore it was a very special Double Anniversary. It was enjoyed by numerous presenters, who all gave up their time to present and lend a helping hand to make the evening a memorable one.

The station has posted 247 Special Anniversary QSL cards, designed by Robert Kipp, who initiated the ‘Revival of RSHD’. Reception reports were received from various parts of Europe, Japan, USA and Canada. Documentaries of the special broadcasts have been featured on television programmes in Germany and have appeared on many websites around the world; putting St Helena Island ‘on the map’.

This year, it has been decided to host RSHD in November after feedback from listeners in Japan indicated that December was too late in the year to get a clear signal. Therefore, this year’s Radio St Helena Day is set for Saturday 15 November. Radio St Helena Day 2008 will be broadcast on 11092.5 kHz in USB on Saturday, 15 November 2008 as follows :

  • 2000-2100 UTC to Japan
  • 2100-2230 UTC to Europe
  • 2230-2330 UTC to North America

Because of the very long “Revival” and “Double-Anniversary” transmissions in 2006 and 2007 and the especially heavy workload at Radio St Helena during the entire second half of 2008, it was decided that RSD 2008 would be reduced to the above schedule. It is hoped that the times have been chosen so that reception in all areas will be acceptable. The QSL procedure is the same as in 2006 and 2007, and the QSL address is :

Radio St Helena, P.O. Box 93, Jamestown, St. Helena, STHL 1ZZ , South Atlantic Ocean

Andrea Borgnino IW0HK

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