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Help Radio Heritage add 16 new stories!

Help the Radio Heritage Foundation
Add 16 New Stories..and much more!

Hello radio heritage friends

   Can you help us find US$795 by the end of March to bring much more wonderful new content online at Just use our donation button, and your VISA, Mastercard or American Express card from anywhere in the world…please see below for details of how you can help add 16 new stories and much more…and receive a free copy of the wonderful Voices in the Air book as a thank you……

You may be one of the thousands of people who visit our website every week, checking some facts about radio heritage around the Pacific, searching for stations in our radio guides, tracing famous people and events or even family genealogy…in fact, nearly 17,000 separate search terms entered into search engines during 2008 led people to our site…..or you may even work at one of the thousands of radio stations around the Pacific region listed at

   Many of you congratulate us on our volunteer based website, saying you like the stories, the photos, the information you can find, and much more! We’re really pleased to know that the site is useful, and that, even if you only visit us once or a few times, we’ve helped you in some way.

  As we’ve matured, so have the demands on our resources grown. The technologies available to us now were almost imaginable in 2004.
To unlock more from our growing collections and let us provide more services such as on-line radio sound archives, the new searchable database, more radio guides, new ways for you to talk with us and other users of the site, we’re having to rebuild our site……and we need your help to keep more stories and content flowing onto our existing site over the coming six months whilst this work takes place behind the scenes.

  Before March 31, we need to find US$795 to add a backlog of exciting new content to the site…16 great new radio stories, more of our popular Long Lost Australian Radio Stars series, 15 fantastic Long Lost Radio Images, great book reviews, news items, anniversaries, events and much more…..

We’ve got a great web designer willing to put in many hours of work for us to do this at greatly reduced rates, and so we’re asking if you’d be prepared to make a specific donation of US$10 or more towards getting this job done.

  If just 80 readers pledge US$10 each or 8 readers of this email pledge US$100 each, we’ve got the cost covered. Or, 16 of you pledge US$50 each….you can see that a few can have a large impact…..

For many people, a visit to is a nostalgic trip down memory lane to see old radio friends again, and over the past four years, we’ve had nearly half a million people stop by the site and find something useful. All up, you’ve looked at millions of pages and registered millions more hits, and spent hundreds of thousands of hours on the site!!

  We’ve only brought you the tip of a very large iceberg of materials already in our collections, and we’ve done this as a free service……something that’s central to our whole approach, and one we’ll continue in the future.

We’d like to honor and acknowledge everyone who is able to contribute in some way towards funding this US$795 we need, and we’d like your permission to name you and your location as part of the new content we begin adding. If you prefer, you can remain anonymous.

   If you can help us today, please visit and use our online donation button with your VISA, Mastercard or American Express card. If you live in New Zealand, make a direct credit to our bank account: 02-0568-0025796-000 at the Bank of New Zealand if it’s easier.

  We also accept payment by check drawn on any currency. Please make payable to ‘Radio Heritage Foundation’ Our mailing address: PO Box 14339, Wellington 6241, New Zealand.

   Your funds will be used to meet the immediate need for US$795 to bring forward our backlog of new content before the end of April. Our web designer will also add more new material over the following months as additional funds become available [we need US$355 each month] and whilst our new site is being designed and built. This content will, of course, be transferred over to the new site.

  If you enjoy our site, and support our non-profit approach to connecting radio heritage and popular culture across the Pacific, please send your contribution of US$10 or more today… will make a very big difference!

  Thanks so much, we really appreciate your support in so many ways.

PS….see below for our special thank you gift for the first two donations of US$50 or more…….
The Radio Heritage Foundation is a registered non-profit organization. In New Zealand, we are registered with the Charities Commission. Donations of NZ$5 or more made by New Zealand residents are tax deductable, and donations made before March 31 2009 will be eligible for rebate of one-third up to your net annual income. The previous restriction of NZ$630 maximum has been removed. Receipts will be issued on request. To be removed from this mailing list email with ‘remove me’ in the subject line. However, we hope you find our mailings of interest. ________________________________________________________

PPS….the first two donations of US$50 or more towards our US$795 target before March 31 will each receive a free copy of the classic ‘Voices in the Air’ book telling the history of radio broadcasting in New Zealand up to the mid-1970’s. We will ship this anywhere in the world as a special thank you for your generous support this month.     Your donation of US$10 or more will help us bring you 16 new stories, 15 more Long Lost Radio Images, more Long Lost Australian Radio Stars series, more news, events and info, please donate today at

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