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MW BAND SCAN Madeira March 10-17th, 2009

I visited the island of Madeira March 10-17th, 2009. I was lucky as the weather was very good, the island very green and the apartment excellent with a large balcony and it was free from electrical disturbances. My listening place located in the area of LIDO pools , 2 km from city center of Funchal. I was surprised over the many mainland Spanish and French stations that was heard on my Sony T-1000 with the specially built transportable mediumwave loop. More interesting stations were: The stations acc. to WRTH were heard except 531 and 1017 kHz. See the list please.

531 Algeria very strong
531 Antena 1 MDR not heard due to collapsed antenna tower during the horrible January storm.
612 Morocco very strong
648 Gambia very strong at 2200 UTC
657 Arabic-speaking stations. Not Asianet.
666 Arabic, Probably Syria
702 BBC Oman
711 Morocco with regional program in the morning. Arabic.
783 Mauretania almost daytime-station
891 Radio Sim, Portugal
909 VOA Botswana
936 Morocco with regional px. Not // 711
963 Radio Sim
972 Libya very strong
1017 PEF, Funchal, Madeira, had a break down during my visit.
1044 Morocco. Daytime strong. Regional px // 711.
1143 ERTU Egypt
1170 Radio Sawa, UAE very good.
1296 Radio Omdurman
1377 Radio Free Africa, Tanzania very good
1422 Algeria Culture w/French 2200-0100 UTC
1431 Radio Sawa very strong later in the evening
1440 African-speaking stations already at 1800 Nigeria or probably CAF Bangui ?
1494 Jordan very strong
1566 TWR Benin very early in the evening. Strong.
1584 Mainland Spanish stns SER Ourense, but also Radio Olé in Ceuta came thru.
1602 A chaos of stations. Similar to Vaaxjoo area where I live in Sweden

I heard a lot of other stations. All fqs were filled with stations, but I couldn’t ID all of them.

There were many Arabic speaking stations from North Africa that wasn’t ID.

Radio Sweden International had an extremely good signal on shortwave. To the afternoon tea on the balcony in the sun I could enjoy the latest news from home.

Best regards/

Bengt Ericson

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