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About RMC on 216 kHz from Roumoules, France.

Yes, RMC was off the air on March 31st and April 1st.

When I advice that RMC wasn’t on the air, I phoned to RMC in Paris, to know what happens as FM, satellite & Internet worked well. 

The answer was: “I don’t know !”.

After that, I phone to the transmitter site of Monte Carlo Radiodiffusion in Roumoules.  The manager told that RMC management in Paris, ask to stop the transmitter for 48 hours.  May be it will return on Wednesday April 2nd.

On Tuesday, morning anchor man Jean Jacques Bourdin, told that the transmitter was off for maintenance (it was not the thrue), as many listeners call to the station.

When on Wednesday morning at 03.00 UTC, RMC came back on the air.  I phoned again to Roumoules, to have more news. 
The same manager, told me that it was a “test” from RMC to know if there are still people who listen to 216 kHz.  As they received complaints, the frequency is still in use. If no complaints were received the transmitter was off for good.

The same man, confirm me that the power is 1400 kW day time and reduced to 900 kW at night.
The frequency of 1467 kHz (from Roumoules) has never been off, because it use by TWR who have money to pay…

Regards from France,

Christian Ghibaudo.

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