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Radio Heritage News
Issue #21 – May 2009

If you haven’t visited lately, you’re missing out on lots of new stories and photos from around the Pacific and beyond, as well as a chance to enter our latest Art of Radio Hawaii competition!!!!

Thanks to everyone who responded to our call last month for help to update the website. We’ve done it! Yes, thanks to donations we’ve received, we’re now busy pushing new content online almost daily……and you can get the benefit of it today!

WIN a KPOI Retro t-shirt

You can now win a retro style KPOI [Honolulu] T-shirt from 1961 simply by entering our new Art of Radio Hawaii competition continuing to celebrate Hawaii’s 50 years of statehood…..look for it at and send your entries in no later than midnight on Kamehameha Day, June 11. Thanks to our friends at RadioLogoLand [] for donating the prize!

Top 5 in the World

US magazine ‘Popular Communications’ named us as one of the world’s Top 5 QSL [Radio Heritage] Collections in April…..and it’s thanks to people like you who send their collections to us for safekeeping that we’ve achieved this honor….in some cases, these cards and letters are all that remain of too many radio stations. Email us about your radio memorabilia today.

Images from these collections help make our articles and stories more entertaining too…the old story of a picture being worth a thousand words…and you’ll enjoy some great images [and much more besides] in our new articles:

Antarctic Radio Unfreezes
& Early Argentine Radio

Antarctic Radio Unfreezes takes you for an introductory glide along the radio dial at places like McMurdo Station and the South Pole….over 10 stations on air across the frozen wastes…Early Argentina Radio explores how broadcasting began in the 1920’s, the connections with the Pacific and check out the Eva Peron photo……

AFRS Mosquito Network

The AFRS [Armed Forces Radio Service] Mosquito Network features in a scholarly trio of new articles, based on interviews with many of the original broadcasters and access to private collections….and examines how radio first reached the Solomon Islands and the New Hebrides in World War II.

You’ll enjoy AFRS Guadalcanal, AFRS Radio City and AFRS Mosquito Bites…the latest in our popular AFRS research series. Check out AFRS Jungle Network, AFRS Japan, AFRS Alaska, AFRS China-Burma-India and many more…….

2LT Lithgow and more Aussies
+ the 2ZA Exhibition Extends

Coming in the next week or so are, finally, more from our Long Lost Australian Radio Stars series…2LT Lithgow, 2BH Broken Hill andothers. These are incredibly popular, along with our Australia Radio Dial 1931 exhibition. Good on ya mate!

Talking of exhibitions, Te Manawa Museum in Palmerston North [NZ] has extended the display for 2ZA Voice of the Manawatu. This social history exhibition includes a full size replica of the original 2ZA studios and offices, full of sounds, images and artifacts of a regional commercial radio station from the 1930’s.

If you can’t get there, don’t worry. We’ll be bringing the exhibition online here at later this year as a permanent record of this fantastic exhibition.

Save US$10 on Hauraki Stuff

There are some great book and CD bargains this month and June. You’ll save US$10 on the classic ‘Voices in the Air’ story of radio in New Zealand, and another US$10 on the ‘Shoestring Pirates’ Radio Hauraki book + the CD ‘A Fresh Pacific Wind’. All the details are at, and we’re now down to less than 10 copies of the Hauraki book so if you haven’t got your copy yet, make sure of yours now! It’s well out-of-print……

More great books become available shortly, so keep watching the website for details and more special money saving offers.

New Pacific Asian Log [PAL]___________________________

You’ll also find the latest updated copy of the Pacific Asia Log AM Radio Guide…lots of changes so download your copy today….some great radio stamps feature in the NZLPFM Blog….and soon we’ll have more news about the ongoing Kiwi Radio Campaign.

We’ll be back! Tell us what you want to see more of, just drop us an email at, and if you’ve got story ideas and audio, images, and radio memorabilia to share, we want to hear from you today.

Enjoy, and remember to enter the new Art of Radio Hawaii competition

For now, enjoy our latest offerings at, made possible through donations from supporters all over the world. Thank you again for helping keep radio history and heritage alive, and if you’d like to make a donation yourself, just use your creditcard at the donation button on any page at the website. We acknowledge every gift.

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