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Un futuro difficile per Radio Serbia

Uncertain future for International Radio Serbia. “Your encouraging messages greatly help the efforts of employees in our media house, despite unenviable financial situation, to preserve one of the oldest short wave stations in the world, help us, because you rightfully expect better and more interesting program. ‘The interruption in your program, even for just a few days, for any reason, would be a source of concern and sorrow for us, because you become part of our life and our family,’ says Al Aid Bin Amar from Algeria. Our colleague Christian Miling from Germany writes with dismay how he read the information on our web page that, because of the difficult financial situation, the survival of International Radio Serbia is endangered.” Listener’s Mailbox, International Radio Serbia, 17 May 2009.

     “The Trade Union of Radio Yugoslavia (International Radio Serbia) hereby wants to inform the public of the very difficult situation which employees in this media house have faced 73 years after its foundation. The reason for such a situation is not only the undefined status of our house, but also the irregular financing of its activities, which includes the issue of employees’ salaries. Although there is a 2009 budget rebalance ahead, Radio Yugoslavia has not received any official information from the Ministry of Culture on the amount of this year’s budget installment intended for the activities of our house. … The Trade Union hereby appeals to its colleagues in Serbia and abroad and to listeners to support the efforts of Radio Yugoslavia to preserve one of the oldest radio stations in the world.” Via Radio Srbjia website. Posted: 18 May 2009 Permalink

Andrea Borgnino IW0HK – HB9EMK

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