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Years of Australian Radio Heritage – Radio Heritage Media Release


217 Years of Australian Radio Heritage
2BH – 2LT – 2MG – AM Heritage Stations

Some 217 years of Australian radio heritage is now celebrated on-line at with the release of three new station profiles in the popular Long Lost Australian Radio Stars series.

2BH Broken Hill, 2LT Lithgow and 2MG Mudgee have served their local communities for an accumulated 217 years, with 2BH celebrating 75 years on the air on June 30 2009.

The Radio Heritage Foundation continues with its roll-out of heritage profiles by adding these three New South Wales AM stations to the growing number already on-line at

2BH ‘The Voice of the Western Darling’ includes Aunt Ruby from the 2BH Smiler’s Club [with close to 3000 members], manager John W Prider [migrated from 5DN Adelaide] and ‘has a line up of nearly half a hundred features’.

Lithgow’s ‘Sunshine Station’ 2LT ‘has won the confidence of listener and advertiser alike’, with personalities such as Janet Miles [2LT Younger Set] and F. Harper [well known to many Sydney audiences, a very fine tenor voice], and the 2LT Sunbeamer’s Club with a membership of over 2000.

Station 2MG ‘takes three news broadcasts a day from the ABC’ and features programs such as Jackaroo Joy, Youth Speaks and Library of the Air, whilst ‘very well liked and highly successful in radio is 2MG’s youngest announcer Frank Yates. Frank is just 19 years old.’

You’ll enjoy reading more about the personalities, programs and heritage of these three heritage AM stations – still broadcasting in 2009 with their original calls – and on-line today at

Whilst there, check out our many other Australian heritage broadcasters in our Long Lost Australian Radio Stars series and our list of pioneer broadcasters from the 1920’s in ‘Early Australian Radio’.

Congratulations to 2BH Broken Hill, 2LT Lithgow and 2MG Mudgee ‘still going after all this time’ with over 70 years of local community service each.

If you have any stories, photos, memorabilia, memories or recordings of any of these heritage AM stations that you’d like to share with us and the world, write to and we’ll be glad to hear from you.

For now, help celebrate 217 years of radio service to New South Wales by visiting 2BH, 2LT and 2MG at today.

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