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VOV inaugurates its new radio house

Along with the inauguration of its new radio house at 58 Quan Su street, Hanoi, the Voice of Vietnam started terrestrial broadcasting of its television channel and traffic information radio channel.At the event, which coincided with activities to celebrate the 119th birthday of late President Ho Chi Minh, the Hanoi Municipal People’s Committee mounted a plaque reading ‘Project in Celebration of 1000 years of Thang Long-Hanoi’.

Addressing the inauguration ceremony, VOV Deputy Director General Le Dinh Dao emphasized that the new modern building marks a new era for VOV during the country’s process of integration, industrialization and modernization and lays the foundations for VOV staff to improve their working style.

Meanwhile, National Assembly Vice Chairman Nguyen Duc Kien commended VOV for its accessible, concise and in-depth news programmes and its effective efforts to preserve national cultural identities as well as to refute distortions and wrong allegations by reactionary forces.

The new radio channel, with 100 cameras placed around Hanoi, can provide people, especially road users, with information about traffic congestion and accidents in the city.

VOV now has five radio channels, a TV channel, a news website, and a newspaper, which cover all political, cultural and social events inside and outside the country.

Its short wave, medium wave and FM programmes, with a total airtime of 218 hours per day, currently reach 99 percent of the country’s population.(from via Arnaldo Slaen)

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