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Glenn Hauser logs May 24-25, 2009

** CHINA. Firedrake survey May 24: barely caught a few bars of it on unusual 9390 until 1300*, but back on at 1308, poor; fortunately, no WWRB 9385 on yet. Against what? Per Aoki, at 12-13 on 9390 is R. Pakistan`s Chinese broadcast, so chalk up another neighbor to whom the ChiCom demonstrate their hostility. Aoki does not yet show it as *jammed. Or has that shifted one hour earlier due to DST in Pakistan? See original A-09 schedule in DXLD 9-039, with // 11510 at 12-13. Apparently it has not shifted, as in WRTH A-09 update still showing 12-13, unlike English at 16 which has shifted an hour earlier to 15.

More Firedrake May 24: at 1302, nothing on 8400, but 9000 was open carrier, resuming poorly at 1305. At 1308, nothing on 11300. BTW, that`s a very bad spot due to aeronautical air-ground communications in Africa. Without Firedrake blockage, one could sit on that frequency and hear planes contacting Khartoum, Tripoli, etc. At 1321, FD on 13970 // 9000. At 1324 also on 14420, better than // 13970 but fluttery. At this moment the “ramshorn“ is being blown. At 1325 also audible on // 15600.

Firedrake May 25: surprised to hear it on another unusual frequency, 7280 at 1249, mixing with something in Chinese and // 9000. Aoki says 7280 bears Sound of Hope at 11-13, so that explains it: in this case a 300 kW Taiwan transmitter, so one can axually hear SOH in the mix, unlike their 1 kW jammer-spoilers elsewhere out-of-band. However, at 1354 on 7280 still hearing a Firedrake mix with something, SOH prolonged? // 13970. Per Aoki, V. of Strait is supposedly also on 7280 all along at 12-17 but WRTH does not have it; RFA Tinian does not start Cantonese on 7280 until 1430 and that is not asteri*ked as jammed.

Back at 1249, no Firedrake on 8400 or 11300. 9000 made its usual break 1300-1305; nothing there at 1352 recheck. At 1307, FD good on 13970, but even better on // 14420, which was still going at 1337. At 1404, 13970 open carrier, resuming FD at 1405. At 1406 still on 14420 but now very poor (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) See also EAST TURKISTAN

** CUBA [and non]. Not just REE, but also RHC has a pen-pal service for DentroCubans: Sunday May 24 at 1319 on 12000 giving someone`s P- and e-mail address, in Amigos de Cuba show. QRM de distorted VOR Chinese, making noise bursts every few sex on 12000. RHC modulation OK, // 11760, and the VOR mess stopped at 1400*. Same QRM spurting from Khabarovsk next day May 25 at 1304 and 1350 chex (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** EAST TURKESTAN. Not much making it from E Asia on 16m, May 25 at 0505, but on 17720 there was CRI in German, fair signal going from Nachrichten to “Sie fragen, wir antworten“ Q&A show. Via Kashi, central Asia, 308 degrees, 500 kW. Best signal on band, except for 17880 RFA NMI (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** JAPAN [and non]. Tnx to improved pre-solstitial conditions from other worldparts, decent reception of NHKWNRJ is possible without resorting to Sackville. May 25 at 0523 I ran across English on 11970, which per Eibi is via FRANCE for Africa; also at 1411 on 11985 direct from Japan for S Asia, clear unlike // 11705, which was nothing but a weak pre-echo under Sackville (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SPAIN. If you hear Spanish on 12040, it is not necessarily the second harmonic of R. Victoria, Perú, as Yimber Gaviría reported from Colombia at 0053 May 19. At 0518 May 25 on 12040 I was hearing a fundamental REE // 6055, while 6020 was drowned by CRI via Sackville. The Victoria harmonic must axually be on the low side of 12040, as its fundamental was recently measured by Giampiero Bernardini, Italy, April 28 at 2330 on 6019.34v, so a harmonic of that would have been on 12038.68v. To confuse matters further, REE Costa Rica relay is also on 6020 at 00-04 and conceivably could produce its own harmonic, but those would be a satellite-delay apart from Noblejas direct frequencies (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SUDAN [non]. Bandscanning May 25 at 0514, came upon strange language on 13840, good signal. Hmmm, PWBR `2009` shows it could be Palau, or New Zealand. But the answer came only a minute later with singing ID repeating “Radio Dabanga“ three or four times, and talk following was interrupted frequently by stingers. Apparently the Darfurians are thought to be easily bored by straight talk, which was certainly not in standard Arabic, or any kind of Arabic I could recognize. This transmission is 0430-0527, 250 kW, 330 degrees via Madagascar (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WRMI, 9955, UT Monday May 25 at 0526, good reception toward the end of WORLD OF RADIO 1461, and no jamming audible. I continue to marvel at WRMI NW antenna reception vs S antenna: May 25 before 1400, no sign of it, just DentroCuban Jamming Command. After 1400, R. Prague relay loud and clear, over jamming if any. After 1430 confirmed with that new infomercial instead of Studio DX for at least three weeks (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** VATICAN. Bruce Barker in PA was hearing something in Arabic with Qur`an on 7250, May 24 at 0520-0600, while normally it`s Vatican in English and then Latin Mass, so I was sure to check it May 25: at 0509 definitely Vatican in English as scheduled. At 0529 outro of VR English, bells IS, 0530 into multi-lingual introduxion to Mass; a few sex of each marred by static crashes, so not certain I IDed them all, but tentatively Romanian, German, Slavic, Hungarian; 0532 into Latin.

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