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Radio Damascus visits and news….

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* visit to Radio Damascus
* resuming of daily podcast of the English program
* a full report, including about a meeting of the chief
  engineer of Radio Damascus’ shortwave station at Adra to follow soon

Dear Radio Friends

I just arrived back home in Belgium today after a fabulous 4-week visit to the beautiful and friendly country Syria is.

My very dear friends of Radio Damascus organised a whole program for me, reflecting the legendary Syrian hospitality.

The head of the English section, Mr. Rasheed Haidar, also organised several meetings for me with the director of the External services , the chief engineer of Radio Damascus’ shortwave station in Adra and the other staff of Radio Damascus.

I will very soon send you a full and detailed report of all the meetings I had with the motivated team of professionals at Radio Damascus, working very hard to bring us every day an attractive and informative program as well as what the chief engineer had to say about the known problems (modulation…)… be patient, good news is in the pipeline 🙂 .

From today on I again started to put the daily audio recording of the English program on the unofficial website of Radio Damascus I built for them at : or alternatively at : .

The podcast is in a regular MP3 format so you can take it with you on your Ipods or other MP3 players.

You can alternatively listen to the daily program of Radio Damascus on the official website of RTV Syria at : .

A major update of the website will follow in the coming days.

And please send a letter or email to the good people of Radio Damascus. They love to hear from their listeners what they like about the programs.

The address is :
Radio Damascus
P.O. Box 4702
Syrian Arab Republic

Or you can send an email to which will be forwarded to the Radio Damascus staff immediately.

I also ask you, dear listeners of Radio Damascus, to let me know how you receive Radio Damascus in your part of the world on the shortwave bands. On which frequency you listen (9330 or 12085 khz). And if there is an improvement in modulation and reception conditions in general of Radio Damascus.
In this context I also urge you to make a short audio recording of how you receive Radio Damascus on shortwave. All reception reports and audio recordings will also be forwarded to Radio Damascus and be rewarded with a Radio Damascus QSL-Card.

Stay tuned… more to follow soon!

Kris Janssen
Radio Damascus Listeners Club or

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