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The full Interview with Radio Damascus!

Dear Radio Friends

Here it is… the full interview I had with the kind and motivated people at Radio Damascus based on several meetings with my good friend Rasheed Haidar and his team, which is the head of the English section, with Mr. Adnan Mouhammad, the director of the foreign broadcasts at Radio Damascus and Mr. Asad Zarai, who is the chief engineer of Radio Damascus responsible for the shortwave transmitters at Radio Damascus shortwave station in Adra.

You can find the full interview at my Radio Damascus website at :

or directly here :

I hope you enjoy reading the interview and find a lot of new and interesting information in it.

Please also have a look at the set of special QSL cards on the Occasion of 40 years German Program : 1968 – 2008 at :

Kris Janssen


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