giovedì 9 Luglio 2020
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6300 RADS-Radio Nacional Saharaui, 2220-2232, June 12, Arabic, many talks and some music, 24342

6075 Radio Kawsachun Coca, Lauca Ñ, 1050-1057, June 13, Aymara, short talks in aymara language about the Peru´s farmers. 34433 (best reception from 11 UTC).

6180 Radio Nacional de Venezuela via RHC, 1033-1040, June 13, Spanish, DX programme: “Contacto con los Diexistas”. letters and short basic talks about DX (SINPO code, etc). Conduced by Cristina Lopez & Freddy Santos. ID as: “Radio Nacional de Venezuela, Canal Internacional”, 34433

Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina

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