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Radio Sangley, Philippines – Radio Heritage Media Release

“Welcome to KTLG Sangley Point’ – with these words a new member of the Armed Forces Radio Service signed on to serve Sangley Point Naval Station near Manila in the Philippines in the early 1950’s.

The Radio Heritage Foundation has released two new features at its global website about this little known radio station that began as a converted aircraft transmitter but grew to become an essential part of Sangley Point daily life for many years.

Louis McClure remembers in ‘Starting Radio Sangley’ that ‘we decided to build a carrier current transmitter and to broadcast music and news on the station’ and that within a short time, reports of reception 35 miles away at Subic Bay were becoming regular.

Known simply as ‘Radio Sangley’ the makeshift station cost only $14 to build, this money spent on a 45 RPM turntable to play the latest hits from the USA. The station could not broadcast a stable signal, and a common announcement from the DJ was ‘Don’t touch that dial! Wait a minute and we’ll drift back into you’!

In ‘KTLG Radio Sangley’, Matt McGuigan continues the story of the station at  which when he arrived used a long wire antenna between the tops of the quonset hut it was located in and a nearby water tower.

In the feature at you’ll learn how AFRS Los Angeles sent $45,000 worth of new equipment and the call letters KTLG were approved locally in 1953, a far cry from just a few years earlier when Louis built the original station with just $14.

As well as photos of the new station facilities, you’ll also enjoy a rare recording of the opening announcement of KTLG Sangley Point, Armed Forces Radio Service, 1300 AM in the Philippines.

These memories are shared as part of the Radio Heritage Foundation ongoing project to preserve, protect and remember radio heritage from around the Pacific. At you’ll find a large number of other features celebrating the Armed Forces Radio Service contribution to broadcasting in the region.

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