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Glenn Hauser logs July 15, 2009

** AUSTRALIA. RA, 9580, Wednesday July 15 with Rural Reporter at 1337,
interviewing an award-winning volunteer marine radio operator who has save a
lot of lives of boaties in trouble. Says he hasn`t had a day off in a
semiyear, and leaves the radios on all the time he is at home, including
overnight, so handles distress calls at any hour; lasted until 1344 UT,
outroduced as Garry Smith at Tumby Bay, South Australia.

WTFK? Never heard any mentioned tho VHF seems more likely than UHF as in the
blurb below. No HF? What`s his callsign? Opens and closes with clips of real
contacts, and sounds like in Strine he is saying VMI or VNI. But that
doesn`t work in Googling. Finally found it, VMR, with details of his
operation and others at

No HF, but there is MF. The reporter doing a show on radio about radio,
doesn`t even know the difference between VHF and UHF, nor does SA Transport
know the difference between MF and HF!

“VMR Tumby Bay [0700 – 1800 hrs]0745 Hrs – 1715 Hrs:
Frequency: HF 2524 27.88 – 86 VHF 81
Monitor: HF 2524 27.88 – 86 VHF 16 – 81“

`HF 2524` presumably means MF 2524 kHz, but what is 27.88 – 86? — MHz just
below 10m band? VHF refers to channel numbers. A repeater network is
involved. Times are no doubt local in the wacky SA zone, UT +9:30, i.e.
0745-1715 SAT = 2215-0745 UT.

Here`s the story with audio linx running 6:18, portrait:

By Brooke Neindorf from Port Lincoln, SA, Saturday, 11/07/2009

Imagine being on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week with UHF radios
constantly buzzing around your home? This is the life of South Australian
volunteer marine radio operator Garry Smith, one of Australia’s only full
time “on call” operators. He estimates he takes more than 10,000 calls a
year, which equates to about 8000 hours of volunteer time. Brooke Neindorf
catches up with Garry Smith in his radio operations room at the back of his
house in Tumby Bay“ (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA. KBSWR relay, 9650, July 15 at 1239 describing dimensions in cm of
passport photos, as part of language lesson; co-channel underneath
presumably the usual Korea North. No sign of R. Japan on 9650; I should have
checked before 1230 as Mark Coady heard NHK the day before // 6120, a
Sackville mixup (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake July 15: at 1252, about same level, poor, and parallel
on 8400 and 9000, which is not always the case. Did not hear any others

** SAIPAN. 11650, July 15 at 1230 just tuned in to interval signal of 8
notes, I think, but only heard it twice as I was trying to count them, then
ID as Radio something, and address backwards in Russian, as previously heard
here from Radio Teos, so I am fairly sure it was that.

Nailing down the exact sked of Radio Teos within the KFBS Russian
transmissions is difficult if not impossible. See previous reports and linx
in DXLDs 9-050 and 9-024.

M&M proceeded to converse about BOG. A DX program? Beverage On Ground
antennas are a God-given shortcut, much less trouble to string out than
proper Beverages Above Ground, convenience often outweighing drawbax (Glenn

** TAIWAN. After Teos 11650 log, tuned down to 11635, July 15 at 1235 to
find solo singing. Per Aoki that`s RTI in Indonesian during this hour via
Paochung site (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WINB, 9265, in the Tony Alámo hour at 1249 July 15, railing
against children being taken away from him, and claiming it is perfectly
legal to marry a female who has reached puberty. That attitude got him into
a peck o`trouble as he is currently on trial in Texarkana. Loads of press
reports the last few days are piling up at
It is not a pretty picture, and the accusations are not limited to just
molesting children. “Tony“ also dreams of getting back on TV despite a
face made for radio, and a stiff jail sentence facing him (Glenn Hauser, OK,

UNIDENTIFIED [and non]. 1570, English gospel huxter dominating the frequency
urging us to resist the devil, July 15 at 0616 UT. Listened for a few
minutes and could not hear any Spanish underneath from XERF.

Could XERF possibly have resumed its old format of gospel-huxtering in
English? Or was off the air at the moment. It`s usually atop the jumble or
at least audible most of the night, only in Spanish as an IMER public radio
station since expropriation a good many years ago. This was on the longwire
so did not try to get a bearing on it. Must do so at next chance with a

Turned on the radio again at 1219 UT and there on 1570 was a comedy (?) show
doing shtick on current events, in Irish-Catholic brogue, soon IDed in
passing as Imus in the Morning; and at 1221 with local ID for KZLI, The
Breeze, which is the latest call for Tulsa/Catoosa OK, per NRC AM Log, 1000
watt daytimer with 20 watt PSRA, nostalgia format. It`s also audible here
daytimes via groundwave despite 200 km distance. I see I am not missing
anything as an Imus unfan; that kind of `humor` leaves me cold (Glenn

UNIDENTIFIED. 9495-9500, ute with multiple whining carriers filling this
range in a supposedly broadcast-only band, July 15 at 1248 (Glenn Hauser,

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