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Coconut Wireless – Radio Heritage News #22

The Coconut Wireless
Radio Heritage News
Issue #22 – July 2009

It’s always summer somewhere in the Pacific……and always time for radio in our lives! And here at the Radio Heritage Foundation, you’ll always find radio, permanent summer and nostalgia at!

Nostalgia makes money. I’ll repeat that, nostalgia makes money. Why do you think so many radio stations have ‘classic hits’, or ‘solid gold’ or similar formats. Because the program director likes the music? Depends on how old the PD is of course, but it’s because nostalgia has a market!

Seriously, did you notice the recent passing of Michael Jackson unearthed countless hours of Michael Jackson ‘specials’, with audio dredged from archives and vaults everywhere…one station even rebranded itself in his memory….and listeners tuned in by the millions to hear the music, and the station advertisers…..yessir, nostalgia has a market.

Here at the Radio Heritage Foundation, we know that you like nostalgia. Last year you found over 15,000 ways to find us, often using long gone station names, long gone radio personalities, any long stab in the dark to find an old friend, or family member, or radio serial you remembered…….. and you’re glad you found us!

To make it easier to find us, we’ve added lots more nostalgia about radio onto our website at So much in fact, that you’ll have to come look at it in case there’s something there you’re looking for!

Many more Long Lost Australian Radio Stars, Armed Forces Radio from Antarctica to the Philippines, stories from stations around the Pacific, Kiwi Radio Campaign news, book reviews, Long Lost Radio Images, there’s no lack of new nostalgia……

Lots of people make it possible for us to be here when you come looking for nostalgia: 

Our volunteers from around the globe, people who make generous donations of time and money, our sponsors who keep us on the road and on-line, our radio heritage friends, people who send memories, old audio recordings, and often, just a kind word or two like ‘thank you’ which is why we feel so privileged to share popular culture and radio heritage from across the Pacific with thousands of people every week.

We’d like to say ‘thank you’ as well, to everyone who supports us in some way and helps us all a little further along the very long and winding road of  keeping memories alive for all to enjoy at

I said earlier that nostalgia makes money. For non-profits like ourselves we’re still working on cracking the secret, although our accounting department says we can afford to buy four cups of coffee a day if we work in the dark and don’t answer mail.

In the meantime, if you want to know more about KYOI Saipan, KTLG Sangley, India FM, 2AP Samoa, 2PK Parkes, 4AY Ayr, 2BH Broken Hill, Howick Village Radio, Apna 990AM, KHBC Hilo, Reef Radio, WASA McMurdo……and so much more…you’ll really have to go visit

Did we mention our 1,350 New Zealand micro-broadcasters FM Guide, our Pacific Asian AM Radio Guide [5000+ stations listed], our famous Pacific Radio Shack store for CD’s, DVD’s, magazines, books and electronic gear [fantastic ipod accessories!]……..our new look Book Shop Plus……great new books to read that really do connect popular culture and radio heritage [Elvis says so!] and our ending July 31 book deals………….

We’re also making easier to find stuff on, cleaning out old corners and offering 10 great Japanese radio postcards as a ‘thank you’…..and if you’d like us to survive on more than coffee and start working to save nostalgia with the light on…we’ve made our Paypal donation button really really easier to find!!!!

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