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this mornings TROPICAL BAND DX

Steven C. Wiseblood
Brownsville TX
(2 miles from Boca Chica Beach,GULF of MEXICO)
Radio Shack DX-399
150′ center fed LW
times in UTC

14 AUG 2009
4820 CHINA/TIBET Lhasa, Xizang PBS; 1215z M in possible Tibetan, CH operatic/orchestral music. Fair signal   (Wiseblood-TX 8/14/2009)
4905 CHINA/TIBET Lhasa, Xizang PBS; Good signal, 1217z M&W in CH  w/nx, //4920 weaker  (Wiseblood-TX 8/14/2009)
4920 CHINA/TIBET Lhasa, Xizang PBS; 1218z above noise threshold, M in CH, //4905 better  (Wiseblood-TX 8/14/2009)
4970 INDIA, AIR Shillong; probably the one here at 1219z light vocal ballads, talk by M in unID language, first time heard this year. Poor-Fair but audible above noise level. also possible INDIA on 4990, will try agn tomorrow  (Wiseblood-TX 8/14/2009)
5050 CHINA Guangxi FBS; presumably the one here  1223z M&W in CH(?), then filler music and M in CH(?) w/anmts,  //9820 much weaker.  (Wiseblood-TX 8/14/2009)
9525 INDONESIA Voice of Indonesia, Jakarta; 1211z M in INDONESIAN w/nx, commentary & reports. Good signal!   (Wiseblood-TX 8/14/2009)
9840 VIETNAM Voice of Vietnam Hanoi; 1130z M&W in EG w/ID’s, world and national news. Good signal this morning  (Wiseblood-TX 8/14/2009)

73’s de Steve/AB5GP

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