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RTÉ SW freqs for All-Ireland Finals 6 and 20 Sept.

RTÉ will use these shortwave frequencies to relay their coverage of the
All-Ireland Finals this year:

Sun 6 September – All-Ireland Hurling Final from Croke Park, Dublin
Sun 20 September – All-Ireland Gaelic Fooball Final from Croke Park, Dublin.
(both matches start (“throw-in”) at 3.30pm Irish time (1430 UT)

from :
(UT times added)

Both Finals throw in at 3.30pm Irish Time

Coverage area Frequencies Time (Irish) Time (UT)
Southern Africa 7265 kHz 2pm – 6pm 1300-1700
East Africa 17505 kHz 2pm – 6pm 1300-1700
West Africa 12050 kHz 3.30pm – 5.30pm 1430-1630

These services are part of RTÉ’s continued commitment to Irish people
overseas and, over the years, has proven especially popular with those in
geographically or technically isolated areas.

(Full details of FM, Longwave 252, Satellite and Internet coverage are also
on this page: )

(Alan Pennington, UK via dxld ml)

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