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Late morning DX

Steven C. Wiseblood
Brownsville TX
(2 miles from Boca Chica Beach,GULF of MEXICO)
Radio Shack DX-399
150′ center fed LW
times in UTC

5 SEP 2009
6070 CANADA CFRX/CFRB Toronto; 1518 ID by M, traffic report; promo by W in
EG “we’ll tell you how to get rid of your wrinkles in 3 weeks”, but no time
to listen to it since it was 3 hours after Sunrise and the signal was fading
fast! (Wiseblood-TX 9/05/2009)
6105 MEXICO XEQM Merida: 1515 playing a Mexican cumbia song, then no signal
for a few moments, and when it came back at 1517 signal was OVERMODULATED,
so apparently these guys don’t monitor their on-the-air signal but rely on
in-house modulation METERS; relaying 810-XEMQ Mayan “Yoól Iik” w/anmts by W
in Mayan language, announcing telephone numbers in Spanish, ads in Spanish,
Mexican Regional-cumbia music (Wiseblood-TX 9/05/2009)
7220 CHINA CRI; 1525 M in JP w/anmts, possible language lesson 1529 JP/CH
(Wiseblood-TX 9/05/2009)
7240 AUSTRALIA R. Australia; 1524 still audible with a telephone interview;
1605 caught end of news “and that’s the news from radio Australia”
f/out by 1615 (Wiseblood-TX 9/05/2009)

73’s de Steve/AB5GP

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