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Steven C. Wiseblood
Brownsville TX
(2 miles from Boca Chica Beach,GULF of MEXICO)
Radio Shack DX-399
150′ center fed LW
times in UTC

13 SEP 2009

6170 NEW ZEALAND RNZI; 1423 playing the top hits from 1969, TC by M “The time is 2:23”;  time pips at 1500, ID, M ancr in EG w/New Zealand nx, sports with mention of the “U.S. OPEN” and extensive New Zealand wx summary. Good signal (Wiseblood-TEXAS 9/13)
7110 ETHIOPIA R. Ethiopia, Geja Jawe; 1518 East African type vocal/instrumental type music (very tonal, almost s.e. ASIAN sounding music),  talk by M in Amharic/East African dialect at 1523 . Poor-Fair signal, slow fades but above the noise level,  considering 3 hours after local SUNRISE in VERY QUIET conditions! (Wiseblood-TEXAS 9/13)
7165 ETHIOPIA “Voice of Peace and Democracy of Eritrea” via Radio Ethiopia, Geja Jawe; presumed to be the one here at 1510 with news by M in East African dialect, guitar strumming East African vocals at 1516 and then lite pop type vocal music.
fair signal at times with deep fades during VERY QUIET conditions (Wiseblood-TEXAS 9/13)
7240 AUSTRALIA, RA; 1431 EG quiz show with contestants, 1450 EG M w/the meaning of “Rosh Hashanah”; brief flute music and then anmts by M in EG.
Fair-Good (Wiseblood-TEXAS 9/13)

73’s de Steve/AB5GP


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