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Glenn Hauser logs: Egypt correxion (2)

Somehow I wrote 7260 once when I meant 7540 in this graf of my report about EGYPT: Now corrected:
The 0200-0330 broadcast may be a `west coast service` in the sense that it is at a more convenient prime time in PDT, 7-8:30 pm and is he second of two English sesquihours to NAm, after 2300-2430 on 11590, but the 11590 is really the one aimed at the WC, 330 degrees, while 7540 is aimed at the east coast, 315 degrees. Furthermore, 11590 is for CIRAF targets 6 and 7, i.e. W and C USA, while 7540 is at 7-9, i.e. C & E USA plus Maritime Provinces. Either the listings or the transmissions are reversed, opposite of what they ought to be!
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