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Special event DDH47

In Honor of Nobelprize Winner Marconi and Prof. Ferdinand Braun a special transmission will be
Date: 10. Dec 2009
Time: Start 2300 UTC
Frequ. 147,3 kc
Mode: QRSS 3
PWR: 20 kW
The weather forcast transmitter Pinneberg DDH47 will stop RTTY (50 Bd) transmission in between 10. Dec 2300h UTC and 11. Dec 001 UTC In this timegap, the TX will be used for a special event transmission. Short  words in QRRS 3 will be transmitted.
After the transmission You may confirm the receiving at a shortwave frequency or via Internet (QRG  and adress will be given later)
You may check propagation every day / night at 147,3 Kc  DDH47, because the TX is working 24 Hours
We know, that DDH47 is easy to receive in Europe. But whats about outside Europa?

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