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Richard Bianchino Logs Oct 26-30, 2009

Monday 26.10.09

15360 BBC (via Thailand) at 0012 English, OM ancr. Report on women dying during childbirth. G signal.
17715 R. AUSTRALIA at 0017 English, OM ancr. Nx and discussion of financial markets. G signal.
15720 R. NEW ZEALAND INT at 0022 English, OM ancr. Hrd blues song. F signal.

Wednesday 28.10.09

5995 V. OF RUSSIA at 1334 Russian, OM ancr. F-G signal
6160 CKZU Vancouver, Canada at 1342 English, OM speaking to YL. P signal.
13780 R. HABANA CUBA at 1350 Spanish, YL ancr. G signal.
9335 V. OF KOREA (DPR) at 1353-1355* English, OM giving sta times and freqs. F signal.
9750 R. JAPAN at 1357 Japanese, OM and YL ancrs. P-F signal.
6175 CHINA NATIONAL RADIO (CNR-1) at 1408 Chinese, YL ancr. Hrd indigenous music. F signal.
9955 WRMI (USA) at 1412, OM and YL reporting Nx. P signal.
11705 R. JAPAN at 1414-1423 English, YL with the Nx. Then “Japan Focus” and “Easy Japanese” lang lesson. VG signal. // 5955 F-G signal.
137 40 CHINA RADIO INT (via Cuba) at 1428 English, OM reporting world market financial Nx, then Wx. VG signal.
5875 BBC (via Thailand) at 1435 English, YL ancr. Report on women victims of war (and rape). // 9740 (via Singapore) both w/ F signal.
7240 R. AUSTRALIA at 1441 English, OM hosts “The Philosopher’s Zone,” edition: “Beethoven and the modern.” Schiller was also discussed. F signal with QRM fm VOA (Philippines) on 7235. // 9590 F signal.
11710 V. OF KOREA (DPR) at 1503 English, OM and YL ancrs reporting “the news of the great leader.” F signal.
12050 R. CATOLICA NACIONAL (del Ecuador) at 1506 Spanish, OM ancr con mucha musica y canciones. G signal w/ some QRN.
12025 DEUTSCHE WELLE GERMANY (via Rwanda) at 2230 German, OM ancr reporting Nx. G signal.
9895 R. NETHERLANDS (via Rwanda) at 2242-2257* Arabic, OM and YL ancrs. Hrd Arabic music at prgm close. G-VG signal. With such a strong signal strength the bc may be via Canada or USA.
13605 All India Radio at 2302 E nglish, YL with the Nx. F signal w/ QRN.
9625 CBC RADIO NORD QUEBEC (Canada) at 2306 English, OM reporting Nx. F signal w/ QRN.
9755 R. CANADA INT at 2308 English, Marc Montgomery hosts “The Link.” G signal. I could not locate this on any schedule.  
13680 R. NACIONAL DE VENEZUELA (via Cuba) at 2320 Spanish, OM ancr. F-G signal. // 15250 (via Cuba) F-G signal but w/ consistent hum.
9885 V. OF AMERICA at 2337 Spanish, YL and OM ancrs. F signal w/ QRN.
11655 R. NETHERLANDS (via USA) at 2350 Spanish, OM ancr. Hrd song which I believe was in Dutch. F signal.

Thursday 29.10.09

9895 R. NETHERLANDS (via Rwanda) at 2238, OM ancr. VG signal.
9720 DEUTSCHE WELLE GERMANY (via Rwanda) at 2246 Indonesian, YL ancr. P signal w/ much QRN.
9640 R. HABANA CUBA at 2250 Spanish, OM and YL ancrs. P-F signal.
9490 V. OF AMERICA (via Philippines) at 2252 English, OM speaking about rodeo clowns. Prgm “Living in the United States.” Followed by world Wx. F sig nal.
9625 CBC RADIO NORD QUEBEC (Canada) at 2306 English, OM and YL ancrs. Talk about animal behavior. P-F signal. Tinny sound w/ echo-like effect,
11780 R. NACIONAL DA AMAZONIA (Brazil) at 2324 Portuguese, OM ancrs. Talk and music. G signal.
11790 CHINA RADIO INT at 2343 English, Paul James hosting “People in the Know.” VG signal.

Friday 30.10.09

12030 V. OF RUSSIA at 0430 English, OM speaking about Mobile VOR. Followed by “Jubilee Program” commemorating 80 years of Russian shortwave broadcasts. // 12040 both P-F signal w/ QRN.
9430 CVC INTERNATIONAL (1Africa) at 0451 English, Hrd Christian pop music. F signal w/ QRN.
9790 CHINA RADIO INT (via Cuba) at 0455-0458* Cantonese, OM ancr. Gave website address. VG signal.
6110 R. JAPAN at 0556 English, OM and YL with Nx. P-F signal w/ QRN.
11725 R. NEW ZEALAND INT at 0523 English, YL and OM reporting Nx. F signal w/ QRN.
5950 R. TAIWAN INT at 0525 English, YL hosts “People.” F signal w/ QRN.
6020 V. OF AMERICA at 0533 French, YL ancr. F signal.
5960 CHINA RADIO INT (via Sackville) at 0546 English, YL ancr. Prgm “Life in China.” F-G signal.
9955 WRMI (USA) at 1515 English, HCJB’s “DX Partyline.” P-F signal w/ QRN.
7240 R. AUSTRALIA at 1527 English, OM ancr. Prgm “Asia Pacific.” Speaking about Bangladesh, India, and Myanmar. F-G signal.
7325 CHINA RADIO INT at 1532 English, YL hosting “Life in China.” F signal w/ QRN. // 13740  F signal w/ QRN and co-channel interference.
9665 V. OF TURKEY at 1549 Arabic, Hrd continuous indigenous music. At TOH there were 3 short pips and 1 long pip followed by more continuous music. F-G signal.

Richard Bianchino, Las Vegas, NV USA. Kaito KA1103, 32′ longwire antenna, indoor.

Before the world wide web there was World Band Radio.

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