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Radio Heritage Holiday Books and CD’s

Media Release from:
Radio Heritage Foundation

Radio Heritage Foundation
Holiday Season Gifts plus
FREE Radio Hauraki Memorabila

This holiday season, we’re trying to give something back to people
who support our radio heritage preservation projects……as we know
that credit cards and budgets are stretched everywhere and good
causes are lined up at every street corner rattling their tins…..

In this message, we’ve got details of great holiday reading and gifts
you can get from our online bookstore
[] as well as how you can get your
piece of Pacific radio heritage.

Here at the Radio Heritage Foundation, we’re committed to giving free
global access to our research, features and content at because we think no-one should have to pay to
access their heritage and history.

Radio Hauraki Memorabilia
Donate US$20, $40 or $50
for book and CD thank you

This holiday season, we’re also giving away original Radio Hauraki
memorabilia in return for donations…………… Radio Hauraki was
the pirate radio ship that broadcast 1966-1970 and forced the New
Zealand government to allow the return of private

In return for your donation of US$20 we’ll send an individually
numbered and original Radio Hauraki 40th Anniversary Reunion entry
ticket as our way of saying ‘thanks’ and…….

……..if you double the donation to US$40 we’ll also include your
choice of either an autographed copy of the classic ‘Shoestring
Pirates’ book OR a copy of the classic Hauraki story ‘Fresh Pacific
Wind’ CD……..and we also throw in international shipping as well.

……………..donate US$50 and we’ll thank you with your choice of
either a copy of the classic ‘Voices in the Air’ story of
broadcasting in New Zealand OR an autographed copy of babyboomer Kiwi
DJ’s ‘Never a Dull Moment’ with its historic CD of popular music
culture…..again, all with international shipping included.

You can read about all these gifts at our website and use your VISA, Mastercard or Amex card for
secure donation payment.

Donations from within New Zealand are also tax deductable [you get a
refund of one-third], and we will issue tax deductable receipts.

Great Book Prices at our Amazon store
WRTH 2010 is just US$23.10 Worldwide!

World Radio TV Handbook 2010 edition is just US$23.10 worldwide plus
local shipping or you may qualify for free shipping…..the only
annual guide to global broadcasting at an affordable price…….

How about ‘Raised on Radio’ for just US$8.48…or ‘Scanners and
Secret Frequencies’ for US$13.47…..’Secret War in Shanghai’ is now
just US$5.47….’Ham Radio for Dummies’ starts at US$10.71…..’Tokyo
Calling’ is now US$19.81 and our recommended AFRS reading ‘Brass
Button Broadcasters’ is going for under US$30……..

Over in our Vintage Radio store at
you’ll pick up ‘Antique Radio Restoration Guide’ for
US$18.97….’Complete Price Guide to Antique Radios’ at just US$14.95
and the ‘Collectors Guide to Novelty Radios’ is there for just

From any page at you’ll also pick up our
featured books such as ‘Treason on the Airwaves’ at US$41.83…..and
Jerome Berg’s Shortwave Radio Trilogy of ‘On the Shortwaves’ [only
US$39.95]…’Broadcasting on the Shortwaves 1945 to Today’ [now from
US$50.13] and companion ‘Listening on the Shortwaves 1945 to Today’
[now only US$50.30].

Remember when you buy anything from our Amazon bookstores, you earn a
small commission for us so can choose from millions of items and help
a good cause at the same time……and you may qualify for free
shipping and gifts…….

Visit our Pacific RadioShack
for DVD’s, Toys, Games, Electronics

Finally, check out our Pacific Radio Shack for great bargains with
merchandise ranging from magazine subscriptions to IPOD accessories,
digital and FM radios, mobile phone accessories, movies, DVD’s and
more books….the choice is all yours…and every purchase helps our
good cause.

Why Radio Heritage Foundation needs your donations

……….Every year we save more collections of Pacific wide radio
memorabilia from the trash can or the fireplace, find more forgotten
hours of audio, search out and rescue old magazines, books and
memorabilia that hold treasures of their time, save oral histories
and stories from radio pioneers, research historic features and
articles and bring you a taste of what’s in our collections for free
at our global website……..

………..We’re a registered non-profit organization and our total
income in 2008-2009 was just US$6300. This covers only a small
proportion of our operational costs [such as office overheads, power,
broadband, consumables, travel etc] and we can’t afford to pay wages
so our full time volunteers have mortgaged their own home to
underwrite operational costs and their living expenses for 5

……….. That’s why your financial support, partnerships and
volunteer time is so important to us, because what you see at is only the tip of an iceberg of Pacific wide
heritage you’re entitled to share. We’re regulated by the Charities
Commission in New Zealand with whom we file annual and financial
reports although we operate globally.

Radio Heritage Foundation is a registered non-profit organization
connecting popular culture, nostalgia and radio heritage across the
Pacific. For fresh features, news, images, audio, our PAL Radio
Guides and much more, visit today. To
unsubscribe: email

PS…remember, donations of US$20, $40 and $50 qualify for our range
of thank you gifts and our free Radio Hauraki memorabilia offer
whilst stocks last.
…..and visit our Amazon bookstores and Pacific Radio Shack for
great holiday season gift ideas and free shipping options

PPS…how are today’s radio stories, popular culture connections and
heritage being saved for future generations in a digital world where
the click of a mouse can destroy thousands of images and hours of