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Kiwi LPFM Hits 1400

   The New Zealand LPFM Radio Guide has reached 1,400 separate entries says the Radio Heritage Foundation who host this unique guide at its website

   ‘That’s a lot of local radio that’s come and gone, or is keeping on going since low power FM was introduced nearly two decades ago in the form of ‘talking houses’ used by real estate agents around Hamilton’ notes David Ricquish, who helps maintain the listings.

   In fact, LPFM stations can be found throughout all the main cities, and increasingly in smaller localities where they provide a means for local people to have a community voice.

   “Some original LPFM stations have moved on in a big way, with George FM being brought out by Mediaworks and now one of New Zealand’s top radio brands with a growing global audience through online streaming.

   Pulzar FM in Christchurch has also moved on from its humble LPFM beginnings to become a full time commercial FM station in the city.”

   The New Zealand LPFM Radio Guide at is the only guide of its kind available to the hundreds of LPFM radio stations currently on the air across the country.

   It’s updated as new information becomes available, sometimes daily, and can be searched by the brand name of the station, frequency or location.

   “We maintain it because LPFM is a vital part of New Zealand’s broadcasting heritage, and even the entries from now silent stations remain a testament to someone’s dream or effort’ says David Ricquish.

   “It’s important to recognize the stations that have been as well as those that continue, and we’re now looking forward to reaching 1,500 listings as LPFM continues to serve listeners and communities across New Zealand…and increasingly reach global audiences via internet streaming”

   LPFM stations and listeners are invited to check the current guide to make sure the information is current for their local area. Updates can be emailed to and will be received with thanks.