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Glenn Hauser logs February 5, 2010

** FRANCE [non]. On UT Feb 4 as in my previous report, I discovered that RFI`s Spanish service at 0100-0130 was on 7360 instead of 5995, via French Guiana, so naturally assumed that was one of their unpublicized February shifts. But 24 hours later, at 0102 UT Feb 5, 7360 is vacant and RFI is back on 5995, VG signal. May they make up their mind? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Another night to check what WWCR does, UT Feb 5: at 0055 I find 7465 already missing; it used to run until 0100. At 0059, however, 7465 cuts on for a few sex, “At this time, WWCR —“ and back off before we could find out what WWCR was going to do at this time.

I checked 3240 where same transmitter used to reside at 23-02 until they decided to extend 7465 until 0200, despite Lavwadlamerik having put its Creole service there at 01-02. No, nothing on 3240. After colliding on UT Feb 2, they simply turned off for the hour on Feb 3 and 4 (I think).

Seemed to be the same tonight as I was punching up various VOA and other frequencies to check on the DX-398, rather than full analog bandscans. I happened to be on LVA 7465 which had just come up late around 0104, when at 0105, WWCR popped back on that frequency for another few sex, during a Discount Gold website commercial, then LVA to itself again. WWCR appeared to be indecisive.

So it was not until 0135 that I noticed a big signal on 7490 — that`s WWCR, mentioning First Amendment Radio, then resident herbalist Wendy Wilson on motherwort, which stimulates the uterus. The audio is cutting out and skipping; anyhow, good signal but not solid with some fading.

So 7490 is apparently where WWCR intends to be in the 01-02 hour. That works, as it`s already a WWCR frequency in the mornings but with transmitter 3 then instead of 1 now.

In B-09, WWCR is already registered on 7490 for 24 hours a day, so no problem for them to expand usage of it under these circumstances. Yes, the transmitter schedule page
has now been updated to show this as well as 4775 ex-5070 at 03-12 from WWCR-3 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Checking Greenville`s hectic 01-02 hour another night, UT Feb 5:

A Fondo, the new VOA/Martí collaboration again came up first on 9415 already at 0100. I suppose that particular transmitter is not required somewhere else right up to 0100. 11625 not audible yet but could come on and not be noticed due to poor propagation up there.

At 0104, 7340 still absent. Did not catch when it finally came on, but it was certainly in play at 0128 thereupon when A Fondo announced frequencies: 11625, 9415 and 7340, plus Radio Martí frequencies 1180, 6030, 7365 and 9825. Initially the RM frequencies were not announced, so we were not positive whether the same program was on them under jamming. The new trio are as yet unjammed. While the old RM channels continue to be.

This page introducing A Fondo
originally gave the time but not the frequencies, and had a comments option. So I commented, telling them what their own frequencies are, and that it would be nice to add them. By the time I refreshed the page, they had been added, but comments no longer enabled. As of UT Feb 5 we are still waiting for them to add the four original R. Martí channels.

Lavwadlamerik: At 0101, 5835 was running, but not 7465. At 0104, 7465 had come on, 0105 with some dead air, and then interrupted briefly by WWCR, q.v. I also checked 7590 at 0101 and 0109 and there seemed to be something there, but too weak to tell if // 5835. Previous nights it seemed 7590 was no longer in use after 0100. At 0107, also had LVA on its third and worst frequency 5960.

The Creole schedule at
still does not show any of the extra frequencies or times, but does still claim the 0100 broadcast is on 1180, which A Fondo also now claims to be using!

On the S page, A Fondo has been added at 0100-0200 on its original three frequencies only, as if it were just another nameless VOA Spanish hour; and the lack of color coding implies it is seven days a week, contrary to original publicity that it would be only five; change of plans or another SNAFU? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WRMI again audible on 9955 with 50 kW transmitter reactivated, but not very well since it`s only on the SSE antenna so far. UT Fri Feb 5 at 0117 can recognize the baseball show, no jamming. After 0200 I was back online and checked the webcast, confirming the first SW broadcast of WORLD OF RADIO 1498.

The first one was expected one hour earlier on WBCQ Area 51, but that was inaudible here on 5110, and its webcast was just music during the entire hour (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ###

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