giovedì 6 Ottobre 2022
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New clandestine for Uganda

** UGANDA. This country finally gets a SW clandestine station. In case you didn`t notice, the A-10 M&B/DTK schedule has this new client:
ABA  Radiyo Y’Abaganda (Ababaka)
 kHz     UTC    CIRAF deg ant day  from    to   site kW client
15410 1700-1800 48SW  140 217 7   280310-311010 ISS 250 ABA

7 meaning Saturdays only. ISS meaning via FRANCE.
Googling the name finds their website:

Seems the Buganda tribe are behind it, in support of “occupied Buganda“, where SW radios started selling like hotcakes with reports that this webcast would now be on SW (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

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