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Radio Free Asia Releases Fourth Radio Pioneer QSL Card

Radio Free Asia announces the release of the fourth QSL card in its Radio Pioneer series. The card honors Russian physicist Alexander S. Popov.  Popov demonstrated that a receiver could detect the electromagnetic waves produced by lightning discharges in the atmosphere many miles away.  In 1895, Popov was able to receive and detect the radio waves produced by an oscillator circuit.  In 1897 he successfully sent a ship-to- shore transmission over a distance of three miles and then persuaded Russian naval authorities to begin installing radio equipment in its vessels.  Just two years later he had increased the distance of ship-to-shore transmissions to 30 miles.  Popov is credited with being the first to use an antenna in the transmission and reception of radio waves.  The QSL card debuted in March at the 2010 NASWA SWL Winter Fest in Kulpsville, Pennsylvania and will be used for all confirmed RFA reception reports dated April 1 – June 30, 2010 (NASB newsletter)

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