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Glenn Hauser logs November 18-19, 2011

** ALBANIA. R. Tirana has corrected their opening schedule announcement in English. Missed the UT Nov 18 0230 broadcast, and nothing came around on the webcast after that, but UT Nov 19 I brought up the 7420 webcast at 0223, with the R. Tirana IS already playing. 0230 sign-on by Klara Ruci has been fixed so she announces the two English broadcasts correctly as to the UK at 2100 UTC on 7530, to the USA at 0230 on 7420. (Still need to add: except Sundays/UT Mondays, and adding Canada if not Ireland, the rest of Europe would be nice too.) (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake November 18, before 2330:
13920, fair with flutter at 2318; none higher before 2318, but I may have started tuning down too soon
 9200, fair at 2325, with QRM from 9199.0-USB, sounds like English, American military, but then it stopped; no FD in the 12s, 11s, 10s

Before 2400, all with flutter:
17170, good at 2356
16700, good at 2356
15900, very good at 2357
13920, fair at 2358

Also, equally strong CNR1 on 15550 at 2357, a jammer too. HFCC shows Beijing starting at 0000, but it so happens that IBB Chinese via Tinian is also on 15550 at 23-24 only (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. Seems like the 671 kHz carrier was missing after the first two nights, but it`s back UT Nov 19 around 0030 UT as I was driving back and forth to the nearest fast food joint, where I had an 11-minute 0022-0033 wait for one burger, unlike a very irate customer who stormed in from his car, still unserved after 26 minutes. If I had used the drive-thru, I could have listened to the het just as long! It was still going at 0441 re check. We may safely assume it is far more annoying to Dentro-Cubans trying to hear 50 kW R. Rebelde on one of its prime MW frequencies, established on 670 really to block WWFE in Florida.

Terry Krueger in Clearwater FL has the 671 answer an hour later Nov 19 at 0130: “Rebelde audio, fairly decent at times.“ During the daytime on Nov 15 he could get the carrier, but no audio; so it had to be from western Cuba, no further east than 50 miles from Habana. Slightly stronger into the evening. But not heard night of UT November 16. He hears a second Rebelde on 670 besides Arroyo Arenas. WRTH 2011 shows one of those, and one R. Reloj on 670, with no location. Let`s check the Reloj website itself:
No 670 outlet listed there, let alone 671; what do they know?

Albert Lehr replied earlier via the ABDX group: “I heard a weak carrier on 671 kHz in Livermore, California at 0310 UT 11/16. The bearing from here is about 110 degrees, possibly skewed a little on my indoor loop. The carrier is within 1 Hz of being exactly on 671 kHz. This may be a repeat of the Cuban experiment in the fall of 2007 on 1181 kHz.“

More reports of it tonight UT Nov 19 on the ABDX list:

“HUGE 1 kHz upper-sidetone heterodyne on 670 from the 671 kHz carrier tonight. Loops almost due south-north. I’ll have to see if it is present during the day while looping that direction since I get many Cubanos day and night. BTW, I now live in Buras, LA, even further out into the Gulf of Mexico. -Darwin Long“

“EVEN further out into the Gulf Darwin? Stay dry, Buddy! DX isn’t worth your life 😉 . The tone is audible here in St. Louis, Missouri, loud but not overwhelming. It more or less seems to peak at the exact same times Cuba overtakes my semi-local WSCR Chicago (which happens a lot). I’m wondering openly if it’s a parasite/unintentional spur of some sort from the Cuban transmitter? Earl Higgins, St. Louis, Missouri, USA“, 0443 UT Nov 19

“Re 671 kHz: The tone on 670 is much louder here in Tulsa tonite (2030 CST 18 NOV 11 [0230 UT 19 NOV]) than previously heard. No DF capabilities here, unfortunately. Bruce Winkelman AA5CO, Tulsa, OK“

** CUBA. In wake of RHC distributing its alleged B-11 schedule, I check a few things Nov 18: at 2322, mainstream is on 9810 and stronger 9710, no 9540, while separate Mesa Redonda is on 9660. Arnie`s schedule lists two overlapping entries for “9540“: 22-06 for América Central, and 24-05 [sic] for Rio de Janeiro. That does not make sense. By 0442, the two 31m channels I hear are 9740 and 9810, neither of which are on his schedule, and NOT 9540 or 9540. Maybe a change is forthcoming? Or maybe Arnie just doesn`t know what the transmitters are transmitting, or vice versa. But his most valuable volunteer monitor abroad does.

As of early UT Nov 19, the website Spanish schedule
9810: 22-06 América Central
9710: 22-24 Caribe, then 6120 at 24-06
9740: 24-05 Suramérica
9540: 12-16 América Central – only time for it

This is closer to correctness, and at 0521 I also confirm that 6120 is on in Spanish, despite 6125 having started at 0500 in English (ex-6150). So another anomaly: RHC is now 5 kHz apart with two separate programs for an hour. That beats 10 kHz apart with same programs (6050/6060 English).

Back at 2359 as I tuned in 11840, a frequency announcement was just concluding with “5040“. If that was supposed to be useful right then, it`s not, for 5040 had just split from Spanish, and after 0000 UT Nov 19 opening in — Creole! Not English as I had confirmed a few nights earlier in the 00-01 hour.

The schedule Arnie has sent out is all mixed up about 5040, showing Spanish at 21-23 and 01-05, which was the A-11 timing when 23-01 was occupied by English hour, then Creole and French. But despite the Spanish times shown, the new sked does have English at 00-01 and Creole/French at 01-02. But that`s not what we axually heard! So have the Englishy and Frenchy hours been swapped? Or was this a one-night SNAFU? I missed checking what was really on at 01-02 Nov 19 on 5040.

Once again as in season after season, if you want to know RHC`s REAL schedule, consult my monitoring reports, not what RHC e-mails or puts on its website (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** EGYPT. 6270, Nov 18 at 2331, R. Cairo in English about architecture of the pyramids, which should be a safe subject in these uncertain contemporary times. The modulation level was OK this time, but breaking up, plus a continuous loud whine of roughly half a kHz. This was not a heterodyne from some other signal, but transmitted by R. Cairo itself, the Abis site doing its best to drive away listeners from the unappreciated work of the program presenters back in Cairo, for whom my continuing condolences. Meanwhile, the 12-hour Arabic broadcast also from Abis on 9305 was even worse as always, extremely distorted modulating only at peaks (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. I recently mentioned that I was no longer hearing a het on 1600, so apparently the off-frequency station, KMDO in Fort Scott KS, had fixed it — no, there it is again, beating against KUSH/KRVA at 2113 UT Nov 18 on the caradio, and another one like it on 1510; as I toggled back and forth between the two on memory presets, (once known as push-buttons), the 1600 pitch matched exactly to my ear the het on 1510 caused by off-frequency KCTE Independence MO/Kansas City, which others have measured on 1510.83. I wonder if they are using same kind of transmitter subject to this peculiarity, as it`s quite a coincidence for both to be off by the precisely the same amount. KMDO is in SE Kansas, just one myriameter from the MO border west of Nevada (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

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