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Another WTWW-2 test imminent from 22 UT Sat

** U S A. Glenn, WTWW-2 will run a test this Saturday [Jan 14] from about 4 pm to 6 CENTRAL [22-24 UT] on 9990. 6 pm to 10 [00-04 UT Jan 15] on 5085. Ted Randall will take phone calls from the listeners live on air. Some final adjustments will be made during this test. Continental Electronics Co. will make some additional adjustments later this month (George McClintock, WTWW, Jan 13, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
Due to some scheduling problems, Ted will not be doing a call in show this week. He is scheduled for next Saturday, Jan 21. Same time. I will have the transmitter on doing some testing and adjustments with Peters audio (George McClintock, 1838 UT Jan 14, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

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