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Australian Radio Guide Open for Easter

Radio Heritage
April 5 2012

Australian Radio Guide
Open all Easter Weekend!

You’ll be able to use the Australian Radio Guide 24/7 over Easter and check out road conditions, weather, sports and cultural events and what’s on from right across Australia from the links to hundreds of radio stations easily found in the guide.

You’ll find us at

We recently updated the Breeze FM, Rebel FM and Flow FM remote radio services for central and eastern parts of the country, and the Vision Radio Network listings for NSW, Victoria and Tasmania as well.

There are over 5000 low power local FM radio stations licenced for Australia and if you find any on the air that we’ve missed, please write and tell us so we can add them.

Thanks for using the Australian Radio Guide, now covering Digital radio in the main cities as well as AM and FM, and we wish you all a relaxing Easter holiday weekend, drive safely, and enjoy taking the radio wherever you go!

The Team
Radio Heritage

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