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Glenn Hauser logs April 10-11, 2012

** CHINA. Firedrake April 11, before 1300:
13680, fair at 1246; none in the 12s, 14s

15435, poor with het on hi side at 1235-1236*. Then I found a het had just hit Turkey 15450, from 15447, no doubt V. of Tibet, Tajikistan, jumping around, but not yet followed by Firedrake

15900, JBA at 1235, but very good at 1249; I wonder what changed?
16100, poor at 1249
16200, JBA at 1249; none in the 17s

** EQUATORIAL GUINEA. 15190, April 10 at 2048, R. Africa is on with American gospel huxter: sounds rather like “Tony Alámo“, whom others have reported reactivated here despite serving 175 years in prison, convicted of child sexual abuse, etc.; but I`m not sure it`s him at this time. Usual ACI from 15195 YFR Ascension during this hour, worst during music. Rechecked shortly after 2100, 15190 was gone (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** FRANCE [non]. 21690, April 10 at 2036, RFI is still running past A-12 registered 2000* via GUIANA FRENCH, with music; at 2100 into `Journal en français facile`, starting with Syria, Santorum: clearly enunciated `easy French` news, but not as slow as VOA`s Spe-cial Eng-lish. Maybe the vocabulary is simplified too? Not sure, but I had little trouble following it.

Tnx to Harold Frodge who had been noticing this frequency on late. Last summer A-11 they were registered and running until 2200. He has been hearing it until 2157*. After 2100 I found it started having some deep fades. Presumed still this relay site for extension. He also heard nothing change at 2000 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GERMANY [non]. 9850, April 11 at 0514, DW English via RWANDA, weaker than // 9800, the difference being that 9850 is 250 kW non-direxional, and 9800 is 250 kW at 295 degrees USward. 9850 also has a weak SAH [subaudible heterodyne = regular fading caused by beat between slightly different frequencies] from CCI [which means co-channel interference, i.e. almost the same frequency, while ACI means adjacent channel QRM, 5 kHz away on SW].

HFCC shows also on 9850 at this time are the XIN site of CNR in Tibetan, and the CK2 site of Vietnam, each 50 kW. HFCC key to site abbr`s, saved from last July shows:
CK2 Xuanmai VTN 20N43 105E33 [why the number 2 in it? unusual]XIN Xining  CHN 36N38 101E36

** JAPAN. 6020, April 11 at 1330, cannot detect anything from Shiokaze under R. Australia, its last known frequency jump; nothing on previously used 5910, 6010, 6135, but forgot to check 5985. Have they moved again? 6055 Nikkei was poorly audible from nearby site. Other A-12 HFCC-registered alternatives for `JIC` during this hour are 6120, 6175. 6010 is not registered now with HFCC. Latest Aoki shows only 6020 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KUWAIT. 17550, April 10 at 2037, ME music, fair with flutter, Arabic announcement about Amerikiyah; 2109 still in news, with less flutter. This R. Kuwait transmission continues to be missing from A-12 HFCC, but their HFCC info is traditionally incomplete and inaccurate.

Missing also from EiBi, but Aoki has it: “17550 R. KUWAIT 2000-2400 1234567 Arabic 500 350 Sulaibiyah KWT 04745E2910N MOI a12“

Which means it`s almost trans-polar aimed at W & C North America, and it was in HFCC A-11 of a year ago April 8 showing those 6,7 CIRAFs:
“17550 2000 2400 6,7 KBD 500 350 0 216 1234567 270311 301011 D arabic KWT RKW MOI 5866“

This certainly challenges the MUF over such a path, and is not always audible, but on the average should become more reliable as solstice approaches. Compare it to English on 15540 until 2100. As that was playing sign-off anthem, not // 17550, tho if 15540 stay on a bit longer, it might become (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TAIWAN. 9735, April 11 at *1258, RTI cuts on with pop music, QRMing weaker 9740 BBC Singapore I was listening to; must have been tuned a bit to the lo side, but still a problem center-tuning. 1259 to dead air, 1300 cut on modulation of Japanese service, necessarily also USward (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [non]. 15580, April 10 at 2055, VOA `Afro Beat` is playing catchy tune in French, “Vive la République Gabonaise“, “vive la liberté, égalité, fraternité“. If I were tuned 6.000 MHz lower I would think I was hearing Africa Numéro Un. Was it their national day or something? This hour only is 250 kW, 305 degrees via MADAGASCAR (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [non]. 21710, April 11 at 0508, weak signal in Chinese with occasional peaks; R. Free Asia is scheduled via TINIAN daily, but could be one of those jumparound frequencies to other 13m channels in attempt to avoid ChiCom jamming. Nice to see MUF peaking this hi in the nightmiddle as summer approaches! WWV reported at 0518: SF 93, A 8, K at 03 was 2, no, no.

Similar and somewhat stronger programming on 17855, which is RFA Chinese via SAIPAN, but not //, probably due to deliberate non-synchronization. Believe I was really hearing RFA rather than jamming in these cases (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 9372, April 11 at 1311, 18-kHz squishy spur from 9390 WEWN is bothering 9370v WTJC, less than the stronger 9-kHz spur on 9381 is bothering 9385 WWRB. Also audible around 9399; 9408 vs China.

These spurs always accompanying the WEWN English transmitter, sometimes also audible at 27 kHz or even further multiples of 9 kHz from center frequency, (and similar on one of the two Spanish frequencies) are apparently caused by failure to install a certain filter to eliminate them from their Continental transmitters, a sorely needed retrofit affecting an AM/FM switch on a control card (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 6903.5-USB, April 11 at 1315-1325+, Army MARS net discussing digital modes and how to set them up on computers, such as RMS Express. Main speaker and NCS is AAR6CQ, also with AAM6RE who had transmitter problems, his modulation cutting up.

This is a Texas Army MARS net, and AAR6CQ is Tom Whiteside per
a.k.a. N5TN, mentioned in this article about Hurricane Dolly:

But N5TN is a typo, as that is someone in Missouri, and Tom`s real ham call is N5TW, per ARRL lookup of FCC records, north of Austin:

Previous call sign: AC5IB
Previous license class: Advanced
Licensee ID: L01193695
License Class: Extra
FRN: 00015517329
Radio Service: HV
Issue Date: 09/21/2006
Expire Date: 12/18/2016
Date of Last Change: 01/10/2007

Texas Army MARS website search on AAM6RE leads to Ken Miller, a.k.a. AAR6TB, Region Emergency Officer. One gets a lot more hits searching on that second call, such as this:
concerning Collin Country, which is just north of Dallas near the KAIJ ruins.

The net schedule for 0801 CDT April 11 shows AAR6CQ as the Default NCS, and the primary frequency designated as KEG (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

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