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Fundraiser – Australia’s Radio History

Radio Heritage
April 19 2012

G’day, if you’re interested in radio, here’s the stuff you need to know to become an instant Australian radio expert so add this book to your collection today and help our fundraising for 2012………….

Australian Radio History by Bruce Carty, the stories behind 600 broadcast callsigns, fantastic logos, top music charts from the 1920s-1970s and much more. Joint fundraiser with Radio Yesteryear 97.3 FM. Limited edition, personally autographed. Shipped worldwide for $60. Now available from with VISA/Mastercard.

*2CC Canberra first introduced male and female breakfast duo jocks
*2SM Sydney banned “Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini”
*3AW Melbourne banned all Beatles records
*4KQ Brisbane sacked all female announcers in 1950
*5KA Adelaide opened their own cabaret called ‘Bondezvous’
*6WF Perth broadcast 60 minutes a day of advertisements
*7ZR Hobart used wind-up clockwork portable tape recorders
*8DR Darwin was established as a military entertainment service

Thousands of facts to impress or annoy all your mates, and give you a special look inside some 600 Australian radio stations..what makes them tick….many of the characters involed…….

Check out our Long Lost Australian Radio Stars series also, over 50 features on AM radio stations from the mid-1940s and some great photos and original art work for station logos….

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****Just 10 more full sponsors [$A100 each] needed to meet our donor target for the quarter ending June 30 2012. Thanks so much ****

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