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April 20 log

Canada – Radio Japan in Japanese on 11655 at 1335.
                CRI on 16260 at 1340 in English. Male announcer.
                CRI on 9650 at 1345 in English with a news magazine.

Cuba – CRI on 9570 at 1344 in English with a news magazine.

Spain – Radio Exterior De Espania on 17595 in Spanish at 1825. On 15110 at 1940 in Spanish to North America. On 9535 with the news in Spanish at 0208. Read by both male and female announcers. Targeted to Central America. At 0350 in Spanish, male host with phone interview on 9620 and 9630.

United Kingdom – BBC on 15105 at 1935. Male announcer in Hausa to West Africa. Good signal.

Ascension – BBC in English at 1945 on 15400. Female announcer. Broadcast targeted to Africa.

United States – EWTN with a church choir in English at 1958 on 15610. Target is Europe.

Madagascar  – VOA on 15580 in English with a male host playing music at 2014. Target Africa.

Greece – Voice Of Greece on 15630 with music in Greek with a female hostess. News in Greek at 2100 by a male announcer. Targeted for Europe. On 9420 at 0136. Male and female announcers taking listener phone calls in Greek.

Netherlands – R. Nederland on 15315 in Dutch at 2119. Male announcer interviewing a young woman. Broadcast target was West Africa.

Bonaire – R. Nederland on 17605 to South America at 2151. Presumably the news read by male and female hosts in Dutch.

Iran – V. O. Islamic Republic Of Iran  on 13710 in Japanese. Japanese lessons in Iraqi. Female hostess at 2131. Music  at 2155.

Kuwait – Radio Kuwait on 15540 at 1956 playing music. Rap, Hip-Hop, Rock and R&B.

Russia – V.O. Russia. Musical broadcast on 9430 in Russian at 0141. Female announcer.

Romania -Radio Romania on 9520 with the news read by a female announcer at 0204 in Romanian. Targeted to South America. The show “Inside Romania” ending at 0355 on 9645. Female announcer. Targeted to Central America.

Albania – CRI in Chinese to North America on 9570 at 0343. Male and female announcers. Commercial and station ID in Chinese and English at 0347.