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Papua New Guinea Shortwave Radio Help

Radio Heritage Foundation
June 12 2012

Shortwave Radio Broadcasts
from Papua New Guinea

We ask all active shortwave listeners to help us update the World Radio TV Handbook 2013 listings for the government NBC radio stations in Papua New Guinea so that our listings are as accurate as possible.

The current listing is based on official government licencing records, information direct from stations and monitoring during 2011, but the situation in PNG is very fluid.

The government crisis there, states of emergency in some provinces, the creation of two new provinces in the past weeks, and general elections during June offer unusual opportunities for SW stations to broadcast longer hours, or even restart previously silent SW transmitters.

Please tell us:
1. name of station you heard as announced
2. frequency
3. location as announced
4. any other frequencies mentioned such as an FM or MW outlet
5. any other name by which the station seems to be known and email your reply DIRECT to us at

Thanks for your help with this special request, and for helping us keep the Papua New Guinea content at the World Radio TV Handbook as accurate as possible.

Special thanks to several DXers who have already monitored some stations and sent their observations to us!

Kind regards
Dave Ricquish
PNG Country Editor
Radio Heritage Foundation

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